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This site is the home of Timberwolf (Scott Bull), a contributing author in the bestselling Adventures in Manifesting series. I am a spiritual warrior and a seeker of the way. As I undertake my journey, it is my honour to bring the information and knowledge I encounter to you, my fellow seekers of the way who pass by Timberwolf HQ and spend time enjoying my site.

Indulge yourself in my writings, those of friends and the paw prints (comments) of my pack mates, those who walk the path with me, resting here, to gain from the experience.



I place articles, which I find to be of interest, in a variety of categories for you to contemplate in the quieter times in your life. Please, sit back, relax and take pleasure in your time here.

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  1. christian kuehl says:

    hello there my fellow brother, i come to you with 2 questions..and some compliments..i love you site first of all. you sound like a wonderful person!! i think you are really cool.. now for the questions, 1 what do you think of the wolf killings in idaho? and 2 i have a handwritten petition at home and i was wondering if i can put you on it as a signature?

  2. Hi Timberwolfe,
    I came across your site.. lately I have had a spritit of a wolf by me in my home
    he lies on the floor I see him with my psychic abilites..

    he lays down and rolls over to rub his tummy.
    he is getting more and more frequent
    why is this I work with angels..

    I also met a guy who has a wolfe guide as well, could his guide be with me the wolfe watching me.. or can it be my new guide as well

    thank u what do u think

    • Namaste Jane

      Thank you for your comment. Wow, you work with Angels, a topic I have been looking at lately. I’d love to speak to you about it sometime.

      In answer to your question, we all have guides of varying types. I have a Druid, a Bear, an Owl and a Wolf that I know of. There is nothing that indicates to me that Wolf, as he appears to you, is anything other than a manifestation of another of your own spirit guides. Wolf is a pathfinder, a protector and a teacher. In working with Angels, I get the feeling that you deliver messages of hope and light to those around you. A perfect thing for someone with Wolf as a spirit guide.

      Please come back again and continue to be part of the TimberwolfHQ community of readers and commentors.


  3. Dear Timberwolf ,
    I have loved wolves ever since i was born i think and eagles and tigers too !But last night i saw a black wolf in my dream for the first time.and as opposed to what they say about black wolf being a fearful and a angry one i think this black wolf was so strong and wise and defended me from a lion !I felt so safe like i never felt before! It was a wonderful dream full of hidden meanings to which i am not able to find a translation.Can you please share your thoughts on this > thanks and peace be with you .

  4. Hi Timberwolf,
    I have been told I am shamanic
    My Totem Animal is Wolf he has been with me for many years a wonderful Teacher and Companion.
    Just lately I have been surrounded by a pack of wolves and they greet me as if I am one of them.
    And one even puts his mouth to cover my throat.
    This does not scare me as I know the Wolf is trustworthy.
    If you can please shed any light on this I would be so very greatfull.
    Many Blessings

  5. Holla Timberwolf
    I have commented on this site once before about a black wolf that I used to see in middle school that showed deep rage to every human around me. I tried what you suggested some time ago and was given a result that truly stumbled me and has been frequently popping up in my head. I was hoping that you could give me a little more insight to what may truly be going on.

    Everything around me was pitch black at first, but after a while, fain lines start to appear and begin to form the shape of a female deer. There was no unnatural quality’s to it, the only thing that really stuck out to me was its deep brown eyes. It simply stood there and stared off into the distance, not even caring that I was right next to its side. I bluntly asked it. “are you my spirit guide?” (Don’t know why I asked) But I didn’t get a reply, it just continued to stare. I then looked towards the same direction, and as I did, I heard the sound of an animal snarling. Length away, the shape of a wolf began to appear. But its shape seemed off, for it appeared to be made out of dark grey smoke that blended in with the darkness. The wolf (Which I think might be the black wolf I used to see) seemed defensive, as if it had been backed into a corner. And then, it just ended.

    Please tell me what you think?

  6. Dear Timberwolf,
    To start off, I am a teen living in a vulgar generation. I came upon your webpage after reading some medicine cards and what not to find out my spiritual animal was indeed a Wolf. I am a very uplifting person but behind it all very depressed. My mother is in the hospital, im having health issues but ive tried to stay very positive. I was hoping to find some sort of relief of it all. Is there anything to heal this emotional wound?

    Thank you :)

    • Namaste Ella

      I can understand your frustration at being a teenager at this time in this world. While I am not a teenager, I see what goes on each day in the world. Your health issues are likely related to the stress you are placing on yourself to “be the strong one and remain positive” for all those around you. It might come as a surprise, however, no-one expects you, especially at your age, to be the family champion. You are allowed to have some “down time”.

      I hope that your mother is feeling better and that you are no longer suffering her pain as well as your own.

      Please come back and let me know how you are progressing.


  7. WhiteWolfAnimalSpirit says:

    HI! For some reason I had a dream about a white wolf and the white wolf had a symbol on its forhead shaped like a crecent moon with the sun in the points of the moon. In my dream i was in a forest. It was dark, cold, and mysteriously cool. The white wolf was leading me to some place. Along the way i saw other animals with the same symbol on their heads as well. What does this mean? Is it a bad sign? Is it trying to tell me something? I would really like to know…

    • Namaste WhiteWolfAnimalSpirit

      Your question has given me a lot to think about. First, the wolf is a teacher and a path finder. One who guides and protects. The symbol of the crescent moon is one of feminine energy and strength. The sun is masculine. Combining these symbols into an emblem upon the head of a wolf and the other animals in your dream leads me to believe that you will find your way out of whatever difficult situation you may be facing. You will need to call upon both feminine and masculine traits to learn the lessons needed to follow the path set for you by wolf, your guide.

      Please let me know how things go.


  8. brittany dunaj says:

    what does it mean when a person has a dream where they’re running alongside wolves?i had that dream,but i don’t understand.can you help me?

    • Hi Brittany

      I am sorry it has taken so long to respond. Dreaming of running with the wolves could have many meanings. It may be that you feel you are trapped in a situation and want to be allowed to run free. You see the wolf as being a creature that is free to run on its own (lone wolf) or with a pack. Your dream could be nothing more than wish fulfilment and identifying a need to get out of your current situation.

      It may also mean that you have found a path in life to follow. Should you believe in spirit guides as I do, the wolf is a teacher and a pathfinder. It is also a protector. Wolf as a spirit guide may lead you to follow a different path than one you have chosen or was chosen for you.


  9. I came across your site tonight after coming home late. I was searching for the meaning of what I just saw. I looked up at the moon which will be full on 31st July 2012 and underneath it was an large cloud. I realised the cloud was in the shape of a wolf’s head. I could see the profile of the wolf and it’s two upright ears. What does this mean? Do you know? I would be most grateful to hear your comments?

    • Esther

      First let me welcome you to Timberwolf HQ and apologise for the length of time it has taken me to respond to your question.

      In relation to your question, your guide can come to you in many different forms. For example, Sheba (my guide) appeared to me in the foam on the top of a cup of coffee (see this article: .

      Seeing a wolf’s head in the clouds could be an indication that you have a journey to undertake. The wolf is a pathfinder as well as a teacher. If you meditate, then in one of your sessions you should actively seek out your guides and introduce yourself to them. When you have done this, return to yourself. Next time, ask to be advised about the lesson or guidance they are to provide you.

      Please come back to Timberwolf HQ to let my readers and I know how you go.


  10. I would like to speak with you. I have some question’s.

  11. Gillian Hanson says:

    Hi, loving your website.Just wanted to share with you that I made contact with my spirit guide today, a large male wolf, when I asked his name he replied ‘Asha’, I felt compelled to look this up on the internet and was led to a page which astounded me, the meaning of the word ‘Asha’ is truth and righteousness, I searched further and was led to Amesha Spenta = devotion, wholeness, immortality, furthering strength etc.
    The connection I feel is amazing, when I look to my sixth chakra and beyond the white light I see his eyes staring into mine so close I can almost feel his breath. I feel he is my guide as I begin the path of spiritual healing, I asked for help because I want to stop suffering of any animals. I am truly thankful to this magnificent animal. Have you ever heard of this before?

    • Namaste Gillian

      My apologies for not responding sooner. It certainly seems as though you and Asha share a strong bond. The very fact that you see him beyond the white light when undertaking a chakra clearing leads me to believe that he is making sure nothing affects you during this part of your meditations. If you like, Asha is another layer of protection for you.

      It is really amazing the amount of information you can find on the internet regarding names and their meanings. The one thing you should not loose sight of is that Asha is your guide. The wolf is a pathfinder and a teacher. Learn the lessons he has been sent to teach you and you will do well. Never forget that the truth will eventually outlast any lie.


  12. I have seen a lot of wolves in art, books, and TV lately.Do you think Dakota might be trying to tell me something? I have also done a meditation where Dakota was guiding me through the forest, and then I always saw a blue dragon in the forest. Do you think the dragon might be one of my spirit guides? I also think that Dakota might be in the form of my cat,Stickytape. Once I was outside at night and my Grandma told me not to go on the side of the house, and I was petting Sticky. All of the sudden I was about to go on the side and I started to lift my hand and he bit me as if saying not to go on the side. But, I went on the side and I got in trouble.


    • Hi Maddie

      It has been some time and I am sorry for that. Dakota can influence those around him to help you remember certain things. This is what he did with Sticky. You didn’t listen and got into trouble. There is a lesson in that.

      The more frequently you see or feel your guide, the closer you are to the path or life lesson they are guiding you to. As for the Dragon, there is only really one way to discover whether they are a guide or not…meditation and ask them if you see them. The dragon stands for conscious awareness. If this is one of your guides, then you will understand what the dragon has come to tell you.


  13. Spirit Wolf says:

    Thanks Timberwolf, I have been stressing a lot really,I will try and keep calm and not stres a lit. Thank you

  14. I am only 13 years old, and I have loved the wolf for as long as I can remember. I took a test on Find Your Inner Animal on WWF, and I got the spirit of a wolf. I am so happy to have the wolf as my spirit guide. :)

    • Welcome to Timberwolf HQ Kat

      I’m pleased to hear that you are satisfied with your test results. Please remember however, that you may have many different animal and spirit guides throughout your life. It may be that the Wolf is with you for the time being or through your life. Only undertaking a proper meditation to commune with your spirit guide regularly will determine the answer for you. You could try the one in this article: Discovering Your Animal Totem.

      Come back and share with us how your meditation went Kat.



  15. Spirit Wolf says:

    Timber Wolf, I havent been able to connect with Kasuka alot, im severely worried and scared that I will not be able to connect with him anymore. Is this normal?

    • Hi Spirit Wolf

      Is there any stress in your life at the moment? You may find that you are pushing yourself too hard to try and make contact with Kasuka. I’m sure that your guide is still with you and that it is your own anxiety that is blocking the contact. Try to relax more prior to attempting contact next time and do not make the effort to force Kasuka to come to you.


  16. what are some ways i can connect more with Dakota?

  17. Hola Timberwolf.
    I’m Blackfoot/ Cherokee, with a bit of German, so far I know.
    A short while ago I came to realize that the black wolf I saw as a child and throughout middle school, might of been my spirit guardian. After I got my glasses, I could no longer see him, but after a few months ago he began to show up again. Though, I am to sure if he really is a guardian. For as long as I can remember, he has always seemed angry, lunging at peoples throats, even attacking my friends. His anger as seemed to subsided a bit from one I last saw him, but he has also grown more faint. During middle school I could almost see him walking beside me, but now I only see most of his front body now and then in the corner of my eye. Its been two years sense I’ve seen him, but some how I can clearly remember his name (Drake) and the color of his eyes, which glow like the morning sun.
    I was hoping you would know if Drake really was my spirit guardian, and if he his, what might be the cause of his rage towards others?

    • Namaste Leann

      It certainly sounds like Drake could be one of your spirit guides. Only you can determine that for sure. The meditation in this article: Discovering Your Animal Totem should be able to assist you in finding and greeting your animal spirit guide. Once you have established contact with your guide you may wish to leave and come back another time as they are rarely talkative on the first meeting.

      As for Drake’s anger, the only thing that leaps out at me is the fact that your ‘friends’ as you call them may have had some mischief intended for you. This reaction was Drake’s way of giving you clear guidance on not doing something that could lead you into trouble or getting hurt.

      Please try the meditation and let me know how it goes.


  18. Courtney says:

    Hello Timberwolf. I just stumbled upon your sight and was hoping you could give me a little insight to an incident that occured to my younger sister an I when we were 12 and 9 years of age. We are both in our 30’s now. This took place in upstate New York.We lived behind the school that we both attended. . As we were running from the playground to get home as it it was getting dark , I went to turn around to see if she was still following me and at that very moment I saw an apparition or spirit of a white wolf hovering about 4 or 5 feet off the road and it was about 45 feet away from us.But, it ran along with us for about 5 or 6 seconds and then it disappeared.I then asked if she saw the same thing I saw and sure enough she did.We were both in awe of this sighting.It didn’t look at us, it just ran straight ahead and then disappeared.We had felt no fear, just peace. We still talk about it to this very day. My sister and I are of Irish,French,German and Mohawk and Abanaki Indian ancestry and I feel as though my connection to wolves has grown stronger over the yearsand have a fascination with them.I can’t imagine why it made an appearance to us other than it possibly being our spirit guide or totem .What do you think?

    • Namaste Courtney

      Thank you for visiting Timberwolf HQ and for your comment sharing as you have your experience. As to your question, I believe that as night was approaching and you and your sister were out late, it was necessary for your guide to appear to you and lead you home. Wolf is a protector and a teacher. In this instance, Wolf was ensuring that you both got home safely.

      With your ancestry, it is not unusual for you to experience a greater attraction to the old ways of your forebears as you get older. I am of Celtic stock and have found that as I get older, I am more interested in the ways of my ancestors. It is the beginning of a search, the first steps on the path to become a Seeker of the Way.


  19. I NEED SOME HELLLLLP!!!!! my dad is able to connect/communicate with dogs and he can calm down a dog by putting his hand on an angry dog’s head and calm it down by thinking calm thoughts. what does this mean? is he a dog whisperer or something like that? plz help!

  20. hi timberwolf! how are you? i just sent my dad some info about brother wolf. I have not seen Dakota(my wolf spirit guide) in a while. im going to do your meditation tonight! my mom does not believe in spirit guides, but my great aunt does The only way i have seen my guide is in meditation. do you have any idea how to draw him to me? i do not think we know each other yet. please help me!
    may brother wolf guide you forever and ever,

    • Maddie

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your knowledge and experiences. I would love to know if you have had any success contacting Dakota. Get back to me soon.


  21. my guide is a white wolf. his name is dakota. i wish i could tell my family about animal spirit guides, but they do not believe in them. I have tried my best to follow brother wolf, but I have a feeling that I’m doing something wrong. my dad has native american blood and I have sent him your website. my mom never believed in anything that you can’t see like dragons. Just because you can’t see it, never means that it is not real. please help me.
    may the great spirit and brother wolf guide you and forever be with you,

  22. The first vision of my black wolf-(guide) came into one of my dreams when I was only 20, then struggling with an addiction to self-destruction, and hasnt left me since. I put guide in perenthesese because previously, before I happened to come across this site, I recognized this black wolf as my sub-conscience or an indicication of the idealogical universe within my thoughts. However, after reading your articles I have come to the conclusion that my black wolf is connected to my soul by choice, rather than by my creation. Your writings have helped me to discover that my black wolf is not my faults, but my teacher of wisdom.
    Thank you for your work,

    • Welcome to Timberwolf HQ Brittany

      I am very pleased to learn that through reading my articles you have come to develop an greater understanding of your guide. Wolf is a very powerful totem animal and guide, a teacher and a path finder. An animal that runs with the pack and yet is still an individual. One that puts the welfare of others above itself to ensure the survival of the greater community. This is the guide who will help you gather an understanding of your true purpose in this existence.

      Please come back and share more of your experiences with my readers and I.



  23. I have read EVERYTHING you have on animal spirit guides. I have found out
    that my guide is a wolf too! My dad has some native american blood and I have
    sent him your website. I LOVE your website and I am a true beliver of animal
    may the great spirit and brother wolf guide you,

    • Namaste Maddie

      Welcome to Timberwolf HQ. Thank you for your comment and the wonderful appreciation you have for the work being done here. I hope to see you back here in the new year along with your father. Have a wonderful holiday season.


      • thank you! By the way you might think this is crazy, but I am almost only 10 years old! my b-day is on 1-22-12! sadly my dad moved out of the house. my parents do not get along.
        animal totems forever!

        • Maddie

          I am sorry to hear of your personal situation. It is one that I can sympathise with however. Please feel free to visit my site and talk to myself or other Timberwolf HQ community members as you feel the need. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you are welcome here.


  24. Hello, I love reading all of your posts. I had a few questions. All my life I have been amazed by the beauty of wolves, I have wolf figurines everywhere in my home. Also, for a long time now as long as I can remember the only animal I have ever dreamed of has been a wolf. There has been different ones that have come to me in my dreams, but sometimes there is a whole pack. The one I recognize the most is an Alpha female white wolf. She and her pack would always come up and welcome me into their pack. While being with her, I hear all kinds of things being spoken like it was in the air; whispers from who I believe was the wolf. Sometimes she would speak in a language I did not recognize. Most of the time I would hear different names including mine. The name that stood out most to me was Lakota. Could the wolves that have been coming to me in my dreams be my spirit guide? And could my spirit guide’s name be Lakota? Please help me, I have never been able to talk to anybody about my dreams because my family does not believe that dreaming about animals means anything. I haven’t been able to find someone that could tell me what my dreams mean, and I hope that you can.

    • Welcome to Timberwolf HQ Staci

      It is wonderful to have you here and to read your comment and questions. I brought them across from my email and posted here so that others may learn from you and me together.

      It would certainly seem like you have a wolf spirit as one of your guides. An alpha female at that. My own wolf guide is an alpha female who has manifested to me in many different ways. “Sheba” once appeared to me in a cup of coffee which you can see here: Wolf Spirit Guide and Reader’s Challenge

      Lakota could indeed be the name of your guide. There are a number of different ways to meet your guide and speak with them. If you are seeking to contact your guide and get better acquainted, you could undertake the meditation in the following article: Discovering Your Animal Totem

      Once you have successfully undertaken this meditation, you should have had an interesting experience in meeting and being introduced to your animal guide. Please come back to Timberwolf HQ and share your experience with my readers and I.

      In love and light


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