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Indian woman with cougar

Animals of Spirit, Power and Totem have been a part of every major religion for centuries. The Greeks spoke to spirits and gods through oracles. The Ancient Native Americans imitated animals in dance and ceremonial rituals to estalblish links to the spirit world. The earliest recorded traditions teach that each person comes into life existence with one or more animal guides from the spirit world. It is also believed that the person and their “life-long” spirit totem animals share a spiritual, energetic connection in which the animals serves as an ally, guide, teacher, protector, and a source of power throughout the person’s life.

“If you talk to the animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear. What one fears, one destroys.” ~ Chief Dan George

Native American folklore also teaches that over the course of a person’s life, one may have nine spirit totem animals that represent their personal medicine, emulate their talents, and to also provide a source of inspiration for improving one’s self and life patterns. It is believed that seven of the spirit totem animals guide and teach during specific periods of the life journey, while the remaining two walk on the right and left sides of a person and provide influences all through one’s life. A spirit animal is referred to by many different terms, such as, “spirit guide”, “power”, or “totem” animal. Traditionally the totem power animal spirit would first come to an individual through a dream, vision quest or pilgrimage to a sacred place of power, meditation, or through an encounter with it in the physical world in which its presence and relationship availability is communicated.

Traditionally the totem power animal spirit would first come to an individual through a dream, vision quest or pilgrimage to a sacred place of power, meditation, or through an encounter with it in the physical world in which its presence and relationship availability is communicated.

Image is from a comment sent to meThe spirit totem animal offers its power, teaching, medicine, protection, wisdom and unique gifts to help a person learn and grow within one’s life. The totem spirit animal has the ability to enrich a person’s life and to empower them with its power. It serves as an intermediary between the spirit world and the physical world and helps one to realize, evolve and fulfil the full spectrum of their divine life purpose.

In opening the doorway to a spirit totem animal, it is essential for the animal to have a sacred home within the consciousness and life of the person to whom it is connected, and for the animal’s being to be honoured on a regular basis through prayer, song, tobacco or corn meal offering and other practices which enable the relationship to prosper. It is also important to invite the totem spirit in to your body, mind and spirit so it can teach you what it has to offer in the way of wisdom and guidance from the physical and spirit world.

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Spirit totem animals appear in a person’s life to teach attributes, powers or lessons, and for achieving a specific purpose. The following is a list of the different types of spirit totem animals that one may encounter within their life:

Life-Long Animal Spirit Totem is an animal from the spirit world that we are connected to from birth. This animal will be with us throughout our life. It will guide us and teach us it’s powers and serve as an intermediary between the physical and spirit world.

Journey Animal Spirit Totem is an animal that guides you for a period of days or even years. It will be with you until completion of the lesson or path it is guiding you on.

Message Animal Spirit Totem is an animal that appears to teach a lesson, a specific growth attribute or give a warning. These types of animals are usually an encounter that leaves a powerful impression or significance with a person.

Shadow Animal Spirit Totem is an animal that represents the inner self and fears that must be overcome or lessons to be learned in order to evolve spiritually. This animal has great power and will put us through life-lesson tests in order to gain wisdom and growth. This totem animal changes throughout your life in accordance with the level of evolvement being attained with its presence.

Image is from a comment sent to meThe following is a partial listing from the animal, bird, fish, insect, mammal and reptile kingdom; and a brief description of the many attributes, lessons and power they bring into our lives:

Alligator: Integration, Initiation
Anaconda: Foresight
Ant: Patience
Antelope: Action
Armadillo: Boundaries
Badger: Aggressive
Bat: Rebirth
Bear: Introspection
Beaver: Building, Goals
Bee: Working together
Beetle: Regeneration, Resurrection
Blackbird: Energy, Understanding, New
Blue Heron: Self-reflection, Self-reliance
Blue Jay: Creative controversy
Bobcat: Silence, Secrets
Boar: Confrontation
Buffalo: Abundance
Bull: Fertility
Butterfly: Transformation
Camel: Use of resources
Canary: Power of song and voice
Cardinal: Renewed vitality
Caribou: Physical fitness
Cat: Magic, Mystery, Tactile senses
Centipede: Coordinated efforts
Chameleon: Mastering change
Cheetah: Precision
Chipmunk: Respect
Cobra: Enlightenment
Cow: Contentment
Coyote: Trickster
Cricket: Luck, Sound
Crow: Divine law
Deer: Gentleness
Dinosaur: Ancient wisdom
Dog: Loyalty
Dolphin: Life energy, Power of breath
Dove: Inner peace
Dragon: Conscious awareness
Dragonfly: Illusions
Duck: Free will
Eagle: Spiritual connection, Enlightenment
Elephant: Obstacle remover
Elk: Stamina
Emu: Reason
Falcon: Questioning
Ferret: Solving mysteries
Finch: Desire
Firefly: Sharing self
Flamingo: Open-heartedness
Fox: Camouflage
Giraffe: New horizons
Goat: New endeavors, Blessings
Goose: Elder wisdom
Grasshopper: Leap forward
Hawk: Messenger
Hen: Nurturing
Horse: Power
Hummingbird: Joy
Hyena: Laughter
Jackal: Cleverness
Jaguar: Personal integrity
Jellyfish: Intent
Kangaroo: Guardianship
Kestrel: Proper values
Koala: Thoughtfulness
Ladybug: Unexpected gifts, Surprises
Lark: Freedom from worry
Leopard: Power of choice
Lion: Pride
Lizard: Dreaming
Mockingbird: Soul Purpose, Counseling
Mole: Retrieval
Mongoose: Courage
Monkey: Family Issues
Moose: Self Esteem
Moth: Out-of-body exploration
Mountain Lion: Leadership
Mouse: Scrutiny, detail oriented
Mule: Allowance
Newt: Miracles
Octopus: Versatility
Opossum: Strategy
Oriole: Social Behavior
Ostrich: Grounded, Astute
Otter: Playfulness
Owl: Wisdom, Discernment
Ox: Sacredness
Panther: Embracing unknown, Power
Parakeet: Hospitality
Parrot: Developing skill
Peacock: Visualization
Pegasus: Immortality
Pelican: Hidden resources
Penguin: Unity, Astral projection
Pig: Intellect
Porcupine: Innocence, Trust
Praying Mantis: Positive focus
Quail: Reservation
Rabbit: Listening, Fear, Fertility
Raccoon: Protection, Dexterity
Ram: Breakthroughs
Raven: Magic
Rhinoceros: Forcefulness
Roadrunner: Mental alertness
Robin: Parenting
Rooster: Ambition
Salamander: Fire power and medicine
Sea Horse: Androgyny
Sea Lion: Intuition, Imagination
Shark: Warning, Signs
Sheep: Congeniality
Shrimp: Recognition
Skunk: Reputation
Snail: Taking it easy
Snake: Transmutation
Spider: Creativity, Dream-Weaver
Squirrel: Gatherer, Planner
Starfish: Hope, Inspiration
Stork: Growth
Swan: Gracefulness
Tiger: Unexpected lessons, Passion
Turkey: Harvest, Shared blessings
Turtle: Earth Mother, Fertility
Unicorn: Unconditional love
Vulture: Purification, Releasing
Weasel: Stealth
Whale: Destiny
Wolf: Teacher, Pathfinder
Wolverine: Fearlessness
Woodchuck: Decisions
Woodpecker: Protection
Yak: Healing stillness or numbness
Zebra: Non-judgmental behaviour

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Pamela Nine

Pamela Nine

This article has been reproduced here with full permission of the author, Pamela Nine  PhD. Her website is: Pamela Nine, Ph. D

Pamela is internationally known as a “Messenger of Spirit” and highly acclaimed Psychic, Medium, Counselor and Spiritual Teacher. She is also a Certified Reiki Master and Ordained Minister with a Doctorate Degree in Religion. She has been in the wellness profession for more than twenty years, and is the Owner of Nine Wellness Centre, located in Knoxville, TN. She specializes in Intuitive, Grief and Spiritual Counseling, Reiki Natural Energy Healing and Educational Programs.

Article source: Animals: Spirit, Power & Totem

Please comment on your own experiences in divining or meeting your animal totem or spirit guide.


  1. gloria valerio says:

    I have frequent encounters with a big black beetle. I feel it follows me, I see it too frequently to be coincidental. I see it in the oddest places. Yesterday it tried t0gain entrance to my bedroom window. It also flew to my left ear and buzzed very loud and flew off. I do not think it is a good sign. I believe someone sent bad medicine to me.

  2. Hi there, I am new to Timberwolf HQ and I will be visiting again. But I have a few facts on the wolf spirit totem. Firstly the primary qualities of the wolf are wisdom, love, loyalty, communication and courage. But lesser ones are competitiveness, patience and order. The roles of the wolf are The Leader, The Teacher, and The Friend. The wolf is supposed to guide, to lead to love. People who have the wolf totem should hang out with people of the bear, hawk and cougar totems as well as their own kind because these are the most courageous and wise totems. But they should stay away from cyotes,bison and mountain goats as these are too careless and are troublesome. My totem is the wolf and I did not choose him I wanted him but he chose me as his partner because of my soul not because I wanted him.

    • Namaste Mark

      Thank you so much for visiting Timberwolf HQ and providing my readers and I with the benefits of your knowledge. It is amazing how much we can learn through this simple act of sharing our knowledge. It combines with everything else we know and increases our spiritual intelligence.

      I hope to see you back here at Timberwolf HQ in the future.


  3. Hi TimberWolf!! I think i met my Wolf spirit. She was awaiting me at the end of the tunnel. But I’m not completely sure. Then, i was flipping through the channels and the movie they were giving had a Timber Wolf, the wolf i met was a Timber Wolf.

  4. sunshine flying away says:

    Hi timber wolf I’m kind of new but I belive my spirit guides are my black pantherwith a ying and yang marking and my black wolf also with a ying and yang marking can you try to helo on how to figure them out and what their medicine is please

  5. Hi this is an incredible blog, thank you very much. I was hoping you could help me with a vsion that I saw real clearly while meditating. It was a siberian husky dog. This was odd because it was the first time that an animal has appeared this vivid. The dog was so clear and beautiful, had no idea that it was trying to tell me something. If you could help it would be appreciated.

  6. I feel connections to wolfs but most of all to nature itself and I really wanna know what animal is helping me or rather guiding me.

  7. My spirit animals are the dog and spider. I had thought these two were almost opposites? I feel strongly that my darker side is more of the spider…and perhaps lighter side is of the dog. I would love you insight on this. Thanks!

  8. Hi, I’m new to this animal totem stuff and I was wondering… What if your animal totem and animal spirit is the same or alike in any way? Is this good or bad? My animal spirit and totem is a Wolf. I’m just courious about what this means and I hope to find more information about myself.

  9. I didn’t have a dream, but rather, I was about 12 years old and my dad was driving me to school, in Florida, and when i looked outside the window, I saw a Snow White Wolf, with Blue Eyes. I took a moment and blinked, and when i looked again, it was gone, like it vanished. I didn’t even think about it until today, when I was walking home from my bus stop, in another county in Florida, and I saw the same wolf, and again i blinked and it vanished. I dont know whats going on, but I would like to know what its trying to tell me, can you help me?


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