Central Asian Mythology


Shambhala, Agharti (Agharta) and 2012, central Asian myths. What do they have in common? While doing some research for an article relating to the mysteries of the number 7, I came across references in to Shambhala, Agharti (Agharta) and 2012. I thought it was quite bizarre to find that there was a legend surrounding Shambhala and Agharti which brought the date of 2012 into … [Read more...]

Is this the world’s most unusual musical instrument or just one of them?

ft_Australian gumleaves

Australia has made a habit of bringing unusual things to the world. Look at Rolf Harris and his wobble board. Well, I think that has been outdone by a humble man from Melbourne. His name is Herb Patten, a Koori elder affectionately known as "Uncle Herb". He plays what I think could be the most unusual musical instrument in the world. Now I could be wrong and you have the … [Read more...]

A “What the…” moment.


One of the things that started me off in the blogging world was receiving a stumble sent to me by one of my StumbleUpon friends. For those of you who have yet to experience the fun of SU as its commonly called, I must say you are missing out on quite a bit. Granted, not everyone likes the idea of setting up a profile and spending time rummaging around the Internet for the … [Read more...]

Thinking machines or potential ‘Terminators’


We all remember the first movie, a naked man appears in the middle of ball lightning and then the action starts right from there. There is a killing spree to wipe out one person, the woman who will bear mankind's saviour. Who is trying to kill her? Why are they trying to kill her and who is the second naked man in the ball lightning? Well he turned out to be her protector … [Read more...]

An Amazing Hotel


You remember my post about the world's largest swimming pool don't you? It was floating around on the Internet getting sent to all and sundry via email. Well, here's another one I received via email. Faithfully reproduced here as another X-factor post. You've just got to check out (or should that be check in at) the Atlantis Hotel Dubai. … [Read more...]

Extreme Tourism – Not for the faint hearted


Ever wanted to experience an adrenilin rush? Ever thought it might be fun to combine this with a holiday experience to last a lifetime?  Well you can...brought to you here are some of the things you can do when you take an X-treme holiday. … [Read more...]

Murder or suicide


I was sent an article in an email. I was so impressed with the X Factor logic that I had to post it here. Check it out... … [Read more...]