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Timberwolf HQ has just registered to take part in the Great CommentLuv Contest.

You can win prizes just by leaving a comment on any one of our posts while the competition is open.

How You Can Participate

Simply explore Timberwolf HQ, read some posts and leave a comment (or several).

If you’re a winner, you will receive a prize notification after you click the submit button.

To claim your prize, follow the link to the CommentLuv site and follow the instructions.

Why We Are Participating In The CommentLuv Contest

CommentLuv is a great free WordPress plugin that enables us to reward you whenever you leave a comment by automatically including a titled link to your last post (or a different one if you prefer).

You get to place a free text link of your article on our site that encourages other readers to click through and bring more traffic your way.

Wherever you see a CommentLuv badge on a site Ajax CommentLuv Enabled 8505d251da51cd11a0607d79d0eaa7c9 – any comment you leave will be accompanied by an active link highlighting the title of your last post.

If you do not have your own site to promote – we would simply love your comments. We are a newly established site and need your help to grow. We plan to continue to use the CommentLuv plugin after this competition closes.

How You Can Participate in the Contest & Promote Your Site

You need to:

  • Have an account with CommentLuv.com
  • Register and verify your site‘s URL and provide a profile description entered at CommentLuv.com
  • No spam is allowed

So, get involved in spreading the word about CommentLuv.

  • Encourage more comments on your site.
  • Get quality text links back to your site.

Simply visit the CommentLuv registration page for more information.

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