DNA Activation

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What is DNA activation? Some people believe that although we have 12 strands of DNA we only use 2 strands to build our bodies. Apparently the 10 unused strands are called shadow or junk DNA by scientists.


Similar to our brain, our DNA has inactive segments to it. With our brain, according to popular belief, we only use approximately 10%. With only 2 active strands in our DNA out of 12, we are only using 16.67% of the available capability stored within our DNA.

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What would life be life be like if we could tap into the potential of the 12 strands of our DNA? It has been reported that when your DNA is fully engaged and active you are able to experience many things. Among these are:

  • a reinvigorated and youthful feeling
  • greater enthusiasm in undertaking daily chores
  • create new patterns of behaviour overwriting the old patterns
  • develop your intuition
  • strengthen, refine and deepen your meditations
  • increase your fundamental and extra-sensory perceptions

Activated DNA is said to strengthen your immune system and enhance your effectiveness in daily life. By strengthening the immune system your cells are able to heal more quickly. Cells that heal more quickly have a greater capacity to communicate with each other and this leads to greater creativity.

In addition to providing you with a more controlled and powerful body, DNA activation is believed to open the activated person to their inner sight (clairvoyance) and improve internal communication with your multi-dimensional ‘Self’. Other reported effects are that the fully activated person is able to move outside time.

Light activated DNA {image source: www.wayoftao.com}

Russian experiments into DNA provide an interesting backdrop for this discussion.

“According to their findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code —especially in the apparent “useless” 90%— follows the same rules as all our human languages.”(www.luisprada.com)

Does this mean that we should be able to read our DNA like a book? What other discoveries were awaiting the Russian scientists?

“Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation.” (www.luisprada.com)

I wanted to know more about this ‘laser-like’ effect of DNA. So I did what any good internet researcher does these days. I googled it. This is what I found. Back in the 1980’s a team of researchers found that all living things emit  photons from their DNA. These photons operate in the visible light spectrum from slightly off in the infrared to the ultraviolet. That’s right…DNA emits light, coherent light similar to an extremely weak laser.

{image source: www.school-for-champions.com}This laser emission is probably the phenomenon that is captured by ‘kirlian photography’ and the reason sensitive people can see auras surrounding people.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to tune in to this laser transmission? The information that could be exchanged may account for telepathy. If we can transmit this type of light from only 2 active strands of DNA, imagine how bright and powerful our ‘light-selves’ would be when fully activated and glowing at full 12 strand potential.

{image source: www.dna-repair.nl}I for one, would love to experience DNA activation. I believe that it would raise my consciousness to the next level. DNA activation may be a way to bring about a shift in the spiritual paradigm and deliver a better world to our children.

What do you say?

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  1. christine says:

    I wonder if an experience I had in 1991 could have been a spontaneous activation of some of this inactive DNA. I suddenly began writing in my sleep all sorts of poems dealing with why we are here, how we sat up our life, how we come to love one person out of 7 billion, why the things that happen to us do, and things to come. For a three month period of time, I “knew”. It wasn’t necessary to ask what I knew, I just had a deep seated “knowing”. It then just disappeared as quickly as it came. But I remember that feeling. I no longer “know” beyond our knowledge base but I completely remember the feeling I had when I “knew”. The poems continued until 1996 when they suddenly stopped. As a result, I came to believe our brain is the trial version that requires a “key” to unlock the full version we are capable of. Now reading about the extra DNA strands, it all makes more sense to me. Our brain is the hard drive and our mind is the software that runs our physical body. I wish I had the activation “key” for my full version.


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