DNA Activation

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What is DNA activation? Some people believe that although we have 12 strands of DNA we only use 2 strands to build our bodies. Apparently the 10 unused strands are called shadow or junk DNA by scientists.


Similar to our brain, our DNA has inactive segments to it. With our brain, according to popular belief, we only use approximately 10%. With only 2 active strands in our DNA out of 12, we are only using 16.67% of the available capability stored within our DNA.

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What would life be life be like if we could tap into the potential of the 12 strands of our DNA? It has been reported that when your DNA is fully engaged and active you are able to experience many things. Among these are:

  • a reinvigorated and youthful feeling
  • greater enthusiasm in undertaking daily chores
  • create new patterns of behaviour overwriting the old patterns
  • develop your intuition
  • strengthen, refine and deepen your meditations
  • increase your fundamental and extra-sensory perceptions

Activated DNA is said to strengthen your immune system and enhance your effectiveness in daily life. By strengthening the immune system your cells are able to heal more quickly. Cells that heal more quickly have a greater capacity to communicate with each other and this leads to greater creativity.

In addition to providing you with a more controlled and powerful body, DNA activation is believed to open the activated person to their inner sight (clairvoyance) and improve internal communication with your multi-dimensional ‘Self’. Other reported effects are that the fully activated person is able to move outside time.

Light activated DNA {image source: www.wayoftao.com}

Russian experiments into DNA provide an interesting backdrop for this discussion.

“According to their findings, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code —especially in the apparent “useless” 90%— follows the same rules as all our human languages.”(www.luisprada.com)

Does this mean that we should be able to read our DNA like a book? What other discoveries were awaiting the Russian scientists?

“Living chromosomes function just like a holographic computer using endogenous DNA laser radiation.” (www.luisprada.com)

I wanted to know more about this ‘laser-like’ effect of DNA. So I did what any good internet researcher does these days. I googled it. This is what I found. Back in the 1980′s a team of researchers found that all living things emit  photons from their DNA. These photons operate in the visible light spectrum from slightly off in the infrared to the ultraviolet. That’s right…DNA emits light, coherent light similar to an extremely weak laser.

{image source: www.school-for-champions.com}This laser emission is probably the phenomenon that is captured by ‘kirlian photography’ and the reason sensitive people can see auras surrounding people.

Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to tune in to this laser transmission? The information that could be exchanged may account for telepathy. If we can transmit this type of light from only 2 active strands of DNA, imagine how bright and powerful our ‘light-selves’ would be when fully activated and glowing at full 12 strand potential.

{image source: www.dna-repair.nl}I for one, would love to experience DNA activation. I believe that it would raise my consciousness to the next level. DNA activation may be a way to bring about a shift in the spiritual paradigm and deliver a better world to our children.

What do you say?

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  1. Here’s a very interesting article on the findings very recently of Russian scientists on how to reprogram DNA with words, language and frequency…the interesting thing of course is that frequency is provided with the emotional underscoring of thought/words which cannot be validly created or held to unless sponsored by a fully supportive feeling….if the resonance of the feeling contradicts the words they fall apart……it’s been a very fascinating idea for me and have been trying it on for size….if you’ve enjoyed this article and thread you’ll love it:


  2. Recently my work has evolved into activating DNA. I don’t know the science behind it, but this is what has come through. You can experience an activation I led for world leaders in November by going to http://www.susiebeiler.com/blog/activate
    I apologize for the poor sound quality.
    I will also be leading one via phone on Jan. 17th, 2013. It’s free to join me on the live call. Let me know if you’d like to join and I’ll send you the call in details.
    I believe that we are not functioning at our full capacity and many of us benefit from “awakening” additional DNA. That’s what these activations are about for me.
    Blessings Everyone!

  3. That is really attention-grabbing, You’re an overly professional blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to looking for more of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your web site in my social networks

  4. I am Christian so I cannot use anything occult in what I do, nor can anything like telepathy, psychic powers, or astral travel be used. I wonder how ever if there are specific notes or tones that I can put into the music I’m making to heal and activate DNA besides 528Hz? I have been experimenting with isochronic tones and they are interesting. It’s amazing to think about how all that we do and say, and live out is stored on our DNA and the resurrection body that Jesus promises will have all the DNA activated, thus we can recall all of that. Sadly some people teach a memory wipe. Reading ourselves like a book seems interesting.

    ** I think you will find my Moshi-Marakabeh concpt fascinating and a new way to play around and have tranquility at school. Try it some time. Just no occult things please.

  5. i will be getting a DNA activation this afternoon, performed by the incredible Theresa Ibis. Ill keep you posted

  6. “As for DNA activation, you may have a point although, if we weren’t meant to be able to turn it on in some beneficial way, then why have the “switched off” junk DNA in the first place. Seems like a waste of space to me. What does everyone else think?”

    I think as we evolve, some DNA sequences become irrelevant for our survival and switch off, but remain there in case we need it again. Other combinations will activate if we need them to survive, or if they have been triggered by teratogens in the womb, or by environmental influences such as air quality, nutrition, hydration, stress level, activity level and so on.

    I can’t speak for DNA activation, but I know there is interest in changing brain activity through sound to expand consciousness. I don’t trust all those sound tracks that can be bought online, honestly.

    I know that creating geometrical patterns by hand and meditating on them can alter neuropathways with practice. This is a very old practice in Asia and also among different tribes and cultures around the world.

    Also, certain sounds can be used to launch the mind inward or outward for a different perspective. For example, I find that I can easily slip into an altered consciousness if I make the pitch of my voice match the pitch of running water.

    Thanks for the interesting content of your blog!

  7. Domonique says:

    I am new at this, but want to activate. Any suggestions? Sites? Do’s or Don’ts?

  8. Hello,

    How may strand of dna do we have?

    If I activate 12 strands of dna do my other strands of dna get activated if there are anymore?


    • Namaste Aliya

      In all the reading I have done on this subject, we have 12 strands of DNA. Once all 12 are activated, our ‘junk’ DNA comes into play and we may find ourselves in a universe where we have greater understanding of cosmic consciousness and our reasons for manifesting in the third dimension.


      • I’m sorry Timberwolf, but you people clearly lack a basic understanding of Biology in general. I don’t know where you got this “12 strands of DNA” nonsense, but it seems arbitrary and irrelevant. Our DNA makes up 23 chromosomes, but as far as strands of DNA we have near infinite. It is produced in the nucleus of every single one of our cells. As far as “junk DNA” is concerned, yes we have introns, which are regions of the DNA chain that are not transcripted into proteins, but they are not junk, and certainly cannot be activate to commune with other dimensions. You should really do some more research, seeing as you and many of your followers seem quite mislead. When discussing scientific theories you need evidence or at least correct information to uphold them. Thanks for your time, I hope you glean some insight from this.

  9. Hmmm… your junk DNA is not inactive DNA. Just because we don’t know which proteins it codes for does not mean it is inactive. Research jumping genes. :)

  10. Anonymous says:

    I just wanted to add a quick note. The idea that we only use 10% of our brain is a myth. Here are some links that prove it.

    Neuroscience For Kids
    The Ten-Percent Myth
    Do we really use only 10 percent of our brains?

  11. Timberaptor says:

    I am an acclaimed biologist and am completely awestruck upon reading your article about DNA activation. I have been injecting ingredients i have found around a suspected UFO crash site into my bloodstream in order to achieve the desired results you describe. I have begun to see beings from I think other dimensions and they told me about your website. Through you they have led me to the real answers biologists have been seeking for thousands of years. Hopefully they will take me away to their home planet in due time. LOLOLOLOL

  12. Hi. May I have permission to use images from your site on a website I am making in class?

  13. Jan Pichert says:

    Dear light seeker,

    thank you for your post. It is always nice to find people who try to look beyond the visible and bring the light to us all. I will not go in to the detail of your subject, but I will encourage you to study the Cosmic Serpent – DNA And The Origins Of Knowledge by Jerremy Narby, listen to so channeling by Kryon about DNA and maybe read the Third eye by Lobsang Rampa. All in all if you wish to have a personal experience in DNA activation you can visit some shamanic group or look at the connection of magnetism and DNA. In any case if you wish I can go in to more detail if you send me an email.

    Have a great day and may the light shine on you. Hari OM!

    • Namaste Jan

      Thank you for your wonderful and informative comment. I look forward to following up on the topics you have touched on in this comment. I will be in touch and see what other light you may have to shed on my points of interest.


  14. Lembach Is Staying! says:

    How many times are people going to repeat that old saw “we only use 10% of our brain”? It’s not a fact, it’s a tossed of quip by Einstein. Anyone who’s ever seen a CAT scan can tell you many parts of your brain are active all the time (think of the level of co-ordination required just to type a comment on a web site).

    By the same token, activating DNA that is not activated is a mutation, and is generally has negative results. If you trust in Nature, trust that the unused portion is unused for very good reasons.

    • Hello lembach. Thank you for your comment. I understand your position, however if you average out the usage of our brain over the course of a day, it is not taxed to capacity. I guess that is why it is a common phrase that we only use 10% of our brain.

      As for DNA activation, you may have a point although, if we weren’t meant to be able to turn it on in some beneficial way, then why have the “switched off” junk DNA in the first place. Seems like a waste of space to me. What does everyone else think?


      • I would have to say that science has not yet discovered what is true about the DNA strand at least not completely. They recently (about two years ago) finally finished the Genome project, mapping the human genome. There is still more to learn.

        Recently I acquired a recording, meditative/hypnosis, that walks you through the activation of each strand. Now, on one try, did not see a difference, but the problem I had is visualizing what each strand would look like, since I do not have a clue. The next time I listen will be after I find decent picture I can use to help visualize.

        The human body is a mystery, the amount of brain space used at anyone time is still in debate. But MRI’s are showing promising shifts in brain use as one uses it more.

        Thank you for this great post and a terrific resource for my contemplations and continuing journey.

        Bless you.

        • Namaste Connie

          Welcome to Timberwolf HQ. I am pleased that you found the article to be of assistance in your own personal quest. I have visited your won site and find that we share a great deal in terms of common interests. I would love to have you return to my site and write more about your experiences for my readers and I. In particular, more about the DNA activation tapes and your current level of success.

          I look forward to hearing more from you Connie.

          In love and light


  15. arvind polepally says:

    As you all believe in the strength of the sound giving rise to new kind of energies I too agree with you and I would like to work scientifically on this particular aspect.can any one tell me what are the institutions that can assist me to work in this aspect with regards……

  16. Carole Lortie says:

    Hello Timberwolf..I just fell upon your page looking for D.N.A. informations..In your subject about the movie AVATAR you a right about many things about the Goddess…the Tree of Life…I have been asked from above and working on writing a book about an old relic called the Caduseus because people really don’t know much about it even spiritual people…I felt blocked about something not sure what..on facebook Kelly Hampton is being channelled by ArchAngel Micheal to write books one is coming out soon about 2012…she is also on blog radio..so I consulted her 3 days ago..needed to know about my book…the message I got from AAM was that the chakra system is getting old we really need to focus on Activating D.N.A. systems now…he found it interesting that I will be reviving the relic of the Caduseus and he asked me to explain all of its significance in details to help people in understanding the alchemy and building bridge to connect better with themselves to acheive the Activation of the D.N.A…I have to hurry in my work now he said…This is a time to celebrate and help in anyway we can…I hope you will keep in touch with any subject you may come across…keep up the good work and Bless your Soul..Love, Joy and Light…Shanti..

    • Namaste Carole.

      I greet you in love and light. Thank you for the wonderful comment you have left here at Timberwolf HQ. I would very much like to read your research on reviving the Caduseus and especially any linkages you find with DNA.

      Please come back again and let all the readers here know more about your research.


  17. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for all of the above info everyone who has contributed and especially to Timberwolf for his neat summary. I “stumbled” across Visionary Music’s work about 4 months ago knowing very little about DNA activation at the time. I enjoy all of their music now but have been mostly meditating with their Level One Series and it is fantastic. I would highly recommend it. Their website has heaps of info to get you started to see if you like their way first.

    • Stephanie – thank you for providing more information on the DNA activation qualities of Visionary Music. I hope other readers find it as useful as you have.

  18. My favorite DNA activation tool is the music of Visionary Music and a group called Shapeshifter. They have a Level One Series now available and are also in R&D of the Level Two Series of which which I feel very blessed to be part.

    Very cool blog, Timberwolf!

  19. thats a gr8 collection of information sir and i would be glad if you give more detailed information with regards

  20. Not sure what you mean by “more info”, imagine a conversation would help. I’m about to leave town to participate in a CNVC Board meeting, then I have an annual retreat I’ll unplug for 10-ish days, but T-giving week I’ll be back online and about (once I catch up). If this works with your timeline, let me know and let’s talk!

    .-= Gail´s last blog ..DM2012-SunOut?? =-.

  21. I’m doing study now about DNA activation via monoatomic gold (ormus, orme, m-state elements). Have you done anything with this yet? So far I’ve done 2 days of 300mg under the tongue (with reverence and setting a specific intention) and both days I have experienced your list of symptoms (for when DNA is fully engaged). Love to hear your thoughts if you do DNA Activation of any type!

    Delighted to be in this wavelength with you,
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..DM2012-SunOut?? =-.

    • Timberwolf says:


      I have recently read an article on Ormus and was preparing to put an article together on it. I would love any further information you have. Even a guest post would be appreciated. Think about it.

  22. DNA Activation is an incredible thing to access.. it is similiar and seems to go hand in hand with excersizes designed to utilize both sides of the brain. also it seems to be initiated in part by pranayama and kundalini breathing techniques along with chakra meditation. I have been doing this and the abilities and the clarity I have been able to strengthen in my mind and body are incredible. the increase is exponential. i am getting better at almost everything i do and finding the interest and ability to learn more and more constantly. it is a great feeling. i think a big part of the negative aspects of our current society stem from the inhibition of our minds and their DNA blueprint. I reccomend that everyone avoid the distractions of the materialist consumer nonculture. Its degradation and decadence may very well lead us to collective psychic ruin, resulting in major setbacks to civilizational progression. turn off the TV, read a book and do some pranayama meditation. try to stay present in everything you do and constantly excersize your mind by eliminating distraction. but most of all, love unconditionally and stay positive =D

  23. My search for the herbal fruit is fructifying… Meanwhile, certain breakthrough insights on Sanskrit as a research tool (besides being a language) have struck my eye brows. I have gathered the applications of “Consciousness Technology” (as I would name it) from the Vedic Lore. I have tested some of its ways on two non-Indian subjects. The tests indicate that it is necessary to have inter-generational living ambiance to be receptive to the “consciousness software” available in the living Tantra spiritual traditions. Initiations into these traditions enable enhancement of consciousness from the ego level of doing mode to the cosmic level of being mode. Interesting?
    I am at organizing a National Conference on the topic”Sanskrit as a Research Tool” at Sringeri, Karnataka, India.
    Will be back with more info.

  24. Timberwolf says:

    Thank you for the information in your comment Dr Ramakrishnan. I visited your site and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to further contributions from you on coming posts.

  25. Dear Divine,
    Namaste (I bow unto the Divine in you and I am with you).
    Yes. This is true. There are herbs which seem to have the power to
    bring about the desired effect as mentioned by you.
    But it takes further analysis into the contents – especially dangerously toxic -
    and the means to refine them to the level our body can assimilate the required things into the system.
    I have also found a website which promises the activation. There are indeed reports against it too.
    I will come back soon with it.

    Dr.S.Ramakrishnan’s last blog post..Long Live Teachers Movement.

  26. Junk DA is not a problem; junk science is.

  27. Thank you for the comment Daniel

    I have to agree that “junk science” is a problem. However, what do you define as “junk science”?



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