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Starry Night by Alexruizart

Starry Night by Alexruizart

As always, I love to bring you, my readers and friends, writings from guest authors. The following article is from a friend, fellow Spiritual Warrior and Seeker of the Way. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the article below as Kenneth Spirit Wolf recounts one of his spiritual experiences.

Greetings my friends. Been a while since I have written to you. Our dreams and visions can influence our daily lives without even realising it. I wanted to share a dream I had that spanned at least three nights and what happened thereafter. Read the story below and see for yourselves how powerful our dreams and visions can affect our daily walk in life. It’s kind of long, but enjoy reading…

January 1, 2013

Night Sky

I had a vision, a dream that was tugging at my heart. The spirits were strong and I felt this calling to answer them. As I laid down for the night, I could not sleep, I kept getting awakened by this calling. I stepped outside under the stars and looked up to the sky to see what I needed to do.

As I stood outside I was told by the spirits to go on a vision quest to connect back to Mother Earth and the animal world. I understood what I needed to do and went back inside and went back to sleep as I would need the rest because I would go out come morning light.

I awoke in the morning, packed a few things in my medicine bag. The morning sun felt warm on my face in the cool crisp morning air and I paused to pray to the Creator for the glorious morning given to me.

Path through Forest

Path through Forest

As I struck out into the wilderness, I did not know where it would lead me, but I knew the spirits would guide me to the right place. I came to a clearing in the forest with soft grass beneath my feet and a clear view of the sky. This felt like the right place to stop. What felt strange was the fact it was unusually quiet and I did not see any wildlife around and did not hear the presence of anything around me.

I set up a circle in the grass with some stones I found to resemble a medicine wheel with four large rocks to point to the four directions. I used some smaller rocks to fill in the circle around the perimeter. When I was done I sat in the middle of the circle facing south to feel the warmth of the sun. I pulled out a feather and prayed to the Creator in thanks for finding this place. I cleared my mind and then I went into meditation.

Forest Clearing

Forest Clearing

As I sat there I began to see many forms of animals walking, crawling, and flying around me, my eyes were closed, as I was visualising this. Then they left and I was alone again. After a few hours which might have felt like days, I saw some wolves come out of the forest into the clearing. It was a whole pack of wolves with some little wolf pups following them. What was unusual about this pack was that they were not all the same. They were all different colors and types. The alpha wolf was all black with glowing golden eyes. His mate was all white with these beautiful blue eyes as clear as the sky, she was the one with the little wolf pups. The pups were mixed colors too, gray and white with one all black one that looked just like the alpha male. They came up to the circle and sat around me in a semi-circle just outside the perimeter of my circle to check me out. The alpha wolf came forward and sat in front of me. We gazed at each others eyes and I felt a connection just like I could see his inner soul and he could see mine. We communicated with each other and I realized what had happened. I had become a part of the pack. The black and white alphas entered the circle and sat beside me on each side of me. We became one family and pack and I was pleased. The other wolves continued to sit just outside the circle and just then I felt this cold and wet feeling on the back of my neck. And then I opened my eyes…

White Wolf

To my amazement, when I opened my eyes, I saw the same wolves that I saw in my meditation sitting before me with the two alphas sitting beside me! I felt this intense rush race through my body, I could not believe what I saw! Do I have the power to summon the animal spirits as well as the animals themselves? I tried to comprehend it but it was there right before me. I felt the alpha male nudge his snout under my arm to raise it so he could get closer to me and gave me a big wet kiss in the face and the alpha female did the same. The other wolves came into the circle too to join in and we all embraced and hugged each other. I felt the love of the pack and their acceptance of me and now I was a part of them, not just in spirit, but in real life as well. I then heard the sounds of other wildlife around me which I didn’t hear before and felt a real connection to my surroundings. The mother wolf brought her pups over for me to see and I was delighted, they were beautiful!

Black Wolf and Pups

Night was beginning to fall and I felt a need to build a fire, but then noticed a huge bright full moon rising in the distance. There was plenty of light to see. We stayed together and enjoyed each others company. As the moon finally breached the treeline you could see how bright and full the moon was. The wolves gathered around looking at the moon and began to howl and sing. It was so loud it drowned out the other sounds around us. The sound was magical and I could feel the energy. I joined in and felt so connected to nature. I was so proud and grateful to be a part of it.

It began to get late and I felt tired. As I began to lay down the alpha male laid down by my head and offered for me to use him as a pillow. He felt warm and soft as I nestled my head on his side. The mother wolf curled up beside me as well to offer warmth from the night chill. The other wolves gathered around and all settled down for the night.

Sometime during the night all the wolves in the pack left and slipped into the darkness of the forest. But before they left, the mother wolf brought the black wolf pup over to me and placed it between my stomach and arms since I was laying on my side. Then they all disappeared into the night.

Black Wolf Cub

As I awoke in the morning light and mist, I noticed the wolves had left, but left the black wolf pup with me. I picked it up and held it close to me. He felt cold and a little frightened, but I comforted him and he felt better. I prayed and thanked the Creator for the wonderful vision and experience and the gift left for me. I packed up my things and headed back to camp with the wolf pup in my arms.

I finally reached camp after almost a full day getting back. I didn’t realize I went so far out. It was already starting to get dark and we both felt hungry and tired. I was greeted by the elders and was given some food and drink for me and the wolf pup. The elders were surprised and amazed when I brought the wolf pup with me. As we gathered by the campfire they were waiting for me to tell the story of my quest.

I told my story about the visions I had and when I came out of it the appearance of the wolves and my bonding with the pack, how they left the wolf pup with me. They were all delighted with my experience and then one of them spoke up. He said, “Lonewolf, you are no longer a lone wolf, but have become wise to the ways of the wolf and we are proud to have you as part of the wolf clan. You have become a free spirit and now understand what path the Creator has laid out before you. It is now up to you to follow this path and to teach the others what you have learned. This is the way of the wolf, be wise and follow your heart”. The elders told me the name of my wolf pup shall be “Lakota” and he will be my companion to follow me on my journeys down the path of life.

End of story.


I shared my dream with an elder and he told me that my dream reflected my true spirit, how I see the world around me and how it influences my writing as well. Then he asked me, “You guess your name isn’t “Lonewolf” after all?” I replied, “I guess not”. After that was said and done the elder told me my new name shall be “Kenneth Spirit Wolf“. He said the name was more fitting of my heart and spirit and I agreed that he was right about it.

So I am honoured to bear the name “Kenneth Spirit Wolf“. It is a high honour to be named by an elder and I will honour and respect tradition. I will live up to the expectations of my new name. So from this day forward you will see me here as “Kenneth Spirit Wolf” and not as “Ken Lonewolf”.

I wanted to share this with you because sometimes your dreams and visions can affect your daily walk in life, you never know where it will lead you.

Blessings my friends and may you seek your true path in life.

Kenneth Spirit Wolf 2013

Image Source: Path through Forest and Forest Clearing – Timberwolf HQ 2012, Starry Night, Night Sky, White Wolf, Black Wolf and Pups, Black Wolf Cub


  1. I have a poster of wolves on my wall and when I walked into my room I looked at the poster and I swear the wolf blinked. Later that day I was walking my friend home and on the way back I noticed glowing yellow eyes and the outline of a black wolf in the distant trees. Can anyone explain what this could mean?

  2. Michael Brown says:

    i have had several dreams over the years where, during the dreams i knew what they meant, but upon waking i never remember the meanings, at least, not till i encounter reflections from the dreams in the waking world, and even then i cannot fully understand the meanings, how do i go about remembering and understanding these dreams?

  3. I saw in my dream that there was a silver wolf guiding me out of a forest to a camp just outside it I was with a guy that I don’t know and there was something following me. Can you help me figure this out?

  4. Last night when I was meditating during the full moon luner Eclipes, I saw a grey wolf head surround by stars….
    This is the first time my third eye has shown me a full image that was so clear. What is the meaning?

    • Welcome to Timberwolf HQ Pam.

      Thank you for the question. To me your experience is a blessing. You have had the opportunity to meet your current spirit guide. Wolf is a powerful guide and will teach you many things. Meditate more o the image your third eye has shown you. Be certain that you want to do this as Wolf is calling you to work with the light and become a beacon to those who would follow the way of the light.

      Please come back and tell my readers and I more about your learning a as you grow into the role set before you.



  5. I had a vision, i think. I was in the forest and all if a sudden the clouds became gray and the wind blew hard. she came, My Wolf guide appeared in front. She ran to the forest and looked back at me, urging to follow. The both of us ran through the woods. I tripped and called my Wolf, Angela. She came and we ran off again. Then i shifted into a wolf and i kept running with her. She found a den and we went inside for safety. The muzzle of a black wolf appeared at the entrance and was growling at us, then left. Angela and I left the den and I became a human again. The sun was up and the wind calm. What does this mean?

  6. As always when I take the time out to read another’s journey I am enlightened, and hope fills me. I could fill the love in Kenneth’s writing for his journey and his path.

    I do not get here often enough. My dreams are not very enlightening lately, the memory is vague. When I do remember, the sense of the journey fills me with insight.

    As always TimberWolf, thank you.

    • Namaste Connie

      I am honoured to have you drop by my site and enjoy what you have read sufficiently for you to leave a comment. My wolf brother, Kenneth has bared his soul in his writings and it is always wonderful to have someone with your standing in the community of spiritual advancement to recognise that.

      Thank you for your wonderful presence and comment.



  7. Keith mooney says:

    Timber wolf I am happy to say I haven’t had any WOLF nightmares in awhile does having wolf nightmares mean the wolf spirit is trying to push me away or does it mean I have angered him

    • Hi Keith

      I had to go back and read your original comment and I must apologise for not responding. It is my feeling that circumstances in your life have changed in the time since your last post and this one. To my way of thinking, the previous choice you had made was one that Wolf thought was not the best for you. The nightmares were Wolf’s way of letting you know this. Now that you have made some changes in your life Wolf no longer needs to warn you.

      Thank you for coming back Keith. I look forward to hearing from you again.


      • Keith mooney says:

        Thank you for your wisdom but I should’ve have posted this when I did the other post sometimes it’s a pack and not just one wolf does that still mean what you suggested the first time

        • Hi Keith

          One wolf or a pack…it doesn’t matter. Wolf is a protector, a guide and a teacher. In many ways, the number of wolves indicates the depth of the negative emotions that were churning through you at the time.


  8. I need some help interpreting my “black wolf” dream. The wolf had no place in my dream because nothing in recent days, weeks or even months led me to think about wolves. I just need a little help but please do not copy past canned explanation which I myself already read on the internet (checkout all links in the first 9 pages when googled “dream big black wolf”.

    The dream is that I am on a motorcycle and have stopped it in the middle of a country side road. I see a black wolf to the side of the road staring at me. I notice he has long black fur which is obviously very well taken care of..like groomed everyday – its nice, healthy and shiny. I am not afraid of the animal..I am fascinated by the beauty of its fur. The wolf attacks me but I feel no fear..I roar the engine and the wolf retreats, then he attacks again and I roar the engine again he retreats. I repulse all his attacks in that manner. It is important to note that I feel no fear (I am not the bravest person out there so this is kind of strange to me). I then decide to turn my bike around and just go and leave the wolf behind. But I see that if I do that he will catch up with me and attack me from behind by the time my bike has gathered up enough speed. Suddenly I notice that there is a burning torch next to me. So I pick it up and hold it against the wolf who is already jumping on me. He retreats obviously scarred by the flaming torch but not as much I imagined because he tries to jump on me again. We have a brief physical fight where I grab his jaws and feel that I can easily split them and kill the wolf. I don’t do it – not sure why not but it is not out of fear or lack of strength. Somehow I start the bike and the wolf starts chasing me. Every time I look back he so close to catching me that it is a wonder he has not done it yet. Still, I do not care and just look forward somehow feeling that this “threat” can be easily ignored. I get home, quickly go in hoping to leave the wolf outside but he enters my home before the door closes. By this time I already treat the wolf as a pestering nuisance – a fruit fly that has been around my head for a few minutes. I go to my bed and lie down to sleep because I do not believe the wolf is capable of doing anything serious. My 5 year son is sleeping on the same bed as me (in the dream and in reality). As I am drifting away, he wakes up and says “There is a wolf next to our bed!” I want to ignore his comment but then I think that maybe this wolf is no danger to me but could be a danger to a 5 year old boy and I cant take a chance with that so I stand up from the bed to face the wolf. Thats when I wake up.

    • Namaste James

      Welcome to TimberwolfHQ. I understand your need to have an interpretation of your dream that has some meaning above and beyond the meanings you can find all over the internet. Well, I’ll have a go.

      Here in Australia, we have an expression which deals with the “black dog”. The “black dog” in this instance is depression and many people struggle with the “black dog”. As I was reading your comment above regarding your dream I was moved to remember this. Your well groomed black wolf is representative of your situation. You have traveled a particular course, by way of motorcycle – a means of transport that you enjoy – and arrived at a destination where you have encountered the “big black wolf”. This is a situation in your life that is bringing you down. The “ride” to get there seemed uneventful, yet each turn and twist was feeding the depression and keeping the “black wolf” well fed and groomed. By stopping in the middle of the road you have recognised that your course was bringing you deeper into a bad situation and you have made a conscious decision to try to maneuver out of the deepening mood of hopelessness. The wolf attacking you is your subconscious driving you back the way you came so that you can see where you made a wrong turn. The torch is a light, or beacon of hope, that will help you out of the mire and by returning home you have begun the healing process. By becoming little more than a pestering nuisance, your “black wolf”, who is no longer capable of doing serious damage, has achieved its goal by guiding you back home, or to a place where you can start to heal. Your son is not only in the dream, but aware of the “black wolf”, to indicate to you that you need to be aware of the damage depression can cause, not only to yourself, but to those around you. This is reinforced by your son telling you that there is a “wolf next to our bed”. He has recognised, with that insight of the very young, that you were struggling within yourself and that if that struggle erupted, he could have been a victim.

      James, this dream is a means of warning you about the dangers of following a seeming easy path, the “country side road” to get to a better place. Not all easy roads lead to good things. Take note of those around you and take them into your confidence. Let them know where you are at with your emotions and follow the light home.

      I hope this has helped. Please come back to and let my readers and I know your progress.


  9. Wow, that must have been an amazing experience!
    I just recently had a very deep dream while I was camping about wolves actually and I was wondering if you could help me figure out maybe the meaning behind it.
    Thank you for your time,

    • Hi Jackee

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article enough to comment. Brother Kenneth Spirit Wolf has had a fascinating existence and one that continues to grow. Please come back and read more about his experiences and those of myself and other contributors here at TimberwolfHQ.



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