Metaphysical Realms

Metaphysical Realms

Here at Timberwolf HQ I try to cover many different topics and as such find that I learn a great deal from my readers and the friends I have made over the years I have been actively blogging. In recent times my posts have been fewer and further between. This is not through a lack of interest in the subject matter I write about, nor a lack of interest in my readers and their input. Instead, it has been a time of trial for me. I have not been well, suffering from neuropathic pain which is quite debilitating. Through this time of suffering, I recalled an article I once wrote for another community known as Squidoo.

This article was titled, “What are the Metaphysical Realms?” Well as a Spiritual Warrior and Seeker of the Way I can only ask myself if the pain I was suffering was a reminder that my curiosity about the many and varied eclectic topics I write about is shared by all of you, my readers and friends. I have decided that despite the pain I experience when typing, I should soldier on and continue to bring light, illumination and knowledge to those who seek it. That being the case, I present below the article on metaphysical realms.

Seeker of the Way

The Metaphysical Realms are those dimensions which surround us, penetrate us and in some very real ways live along side us. This is known as parallel dimensions. Einstein that theorised that time travel was possible. While this does not seem to connect with anything metaphysical it has certainly led to people everywhere struggling with and questioning our current understanding of reality. If time travel were possible and I travelled back in time to kill my grandfather, would I cease to exist? If the answer is yes, then how do I travel back in time in the first place if I no longer existed.

This is one of the time paradoxes that crop up when considering time travel. Yet the answer could quite easily be no. This would mean that while I ceased to exist in my own original reality from which I travelled back in time, I would continue to exist in a new reality or timeline. Now that seems to me to have a metaphysical air about it.

It leads me to the question: “Where would I be now if I’d only turned left instead of right?” Has this bothered you, my readers, as it has me over the past many years. I’m not talking about regret for making one decision over another, as the decisions we have made are those that make us who we are today. I’m talking about what realm would we find ourselves in, what different plane of existence would surround me now?


Since the beginning of 2012, there has been a surge of interest in these differing planes of existence. Questions like, “What would the world be like if…” and “What would have happened to me if…” are being asked by many who are now coming to realise that we are entering a new plane of existence, a new realm. There is a shift in the paradigm or world experience for all of us.

Far be it from me to deliver to you the quintessential article on this topic as there are many more who are far more well informed than I. However, there is information out there if you want to go looking for it. I have attempted to collate some of that information here in this article for you. So, “What are the metaphysical realms?

One explanation that may help, I located in an article titled: Egypt 101: The Animated Universe. An extract follows:

The Ancient and Baladi Egyptians made/make no distinction between a metaphysical state of being and one with a material body. Such a distinction is a mental illusion. We exist on a number of different levels at once, from the most physical to the most metaphysical. Einstein agreed with the same principles.
Since Einstein’s relativity theory, it has been known and accepted that matter is a form of energy-a coagulation or condensation of energy. Energy is made up of molecules rotating or vibrating at various rates of speed. In the “physical” world, molecules rotate at a very slow and constant rate of speed. That is why things appear to be solid, for our earthly senses. The slower the speed, the more dense or solid the thing. In the metaphysical (spirit) world, the molecules vibrate at a much faster, or ethereal dimension-where things are freer and less dense.

In this light, the universe is basically a hierarchy of energies, at different orders of density. Our senses have some access to the densest form of energy, which is matter. The hierarchy of energies is interrelated, and each level is sustained by the level below it. This hierarchy of energies is set neatly into a vast matrix of deeply interfaced natural laws. It is both physical and metaphysical.

This matrix of energies came as a result of the initial act of creation and the subsequent effects of the Big Bang (my emphasis) that created the universe. This matrix of energies was identified with the neteru (gods/goddesses) in Ancient Egypt. The presence of energy in everything was long recognized by the Ancient and Baladi Egyptians.

That there are cosmic energies (neteru) in every stone, mineral, wood, etc., is stated clearly in the Shabaka Stele (8th Century BCE):

And so the neteru (gods) entered into their bodies, in the form of every sort of wood, of every sort of mineral, as every sort of clay, as everything which grows upon him (meaning earth), in which they had to come into being and assumed forms1.

Alchemy of Nine Dimensions

So, our universe exists as a matrix of energies all vibrating at different rates. Slow vibrations give us the perception of solid matter, while those that vibrate a higher rates give us the imperceptible states of being, those of Spirit. It also gives credence to the theory of parallel states of being. While we vibrate at a frequency which is equivalent to the third dimension (3D is covered very well by Barbara Hand Clow in her book, “Alchemy of the Nine Dimensions” 2) there exists the possibility that a slight variance in the vibrational rate, while still actively in 3D, would put us in a different reality or realm which is slightly out of step with our present state. This would then be the left turn instead of the right.

What else do we know about the metaphysical realmsMetaphysics seems to involve a transition from the material to the non-material world in most explanations. This means, new skills, new tools and new forms of observing phenomena that are outside our normal “see-feel-touch-hear-smell” world of measurements, must be developed so that we may experience these new states of being. How do we do this?

Our strongly held beliefs about the nature of reality often prevent our exploration of domains of existence beyond the realm of our body and mind. Our beliefs are realised as representations of our perception of physical reality – sometimes this is valid and sometimes it is not. When considered from a metaphysical view, we must realise that our perception is but one single interpretation of how physical reality is manifested. It is quite possible that it is not the only way. Does this then mean that our interpretation of reality reflects the “truth” about nature or are we inhabiting what is merely a joint “illusion” of physical reality.

Take the example of time. It is a manifestation of reality that is created by the occurrence of linear events, ie: sunrise to sunset to sunrise again. Because these events are connected and follow one another, time is said to exist in a physical reality. However, from a metaphysical standpoint and depending on your own perception or point of focus, events can occur in a multi-dimensional state, sunrise to sunset then becomes a single event. This leads to the conclusion that time does not exist.

To illustrate this, a person will consider time in terms of minutes, hours, days, years, and even generations. However, a tree, were its conscious thoughts able to be understood, thinks of time in terms of decades, centuries even millennia. The human concept of time is meaningless within the context of a tree’s consciousness. This means that the metaphysical domains follow a different channel of reality to our own.

Human Thought

We can access these metaphysical domains by activating a channel of communication. This channel is created when a person experiences a breakthrough or sudden realisation, occurring around their strongly held belief, about the nature of reality. Many of history’s gurus are said to have undertaken ascetic practices to cause such an epiphany to come about. There are many examples that such experiences have been reported to create a channel to the metaphysical realms.

These new channels of communication, or states of being, allow for phenomena such as insight, intuition, creativity, imagination, spirit-vision, holistic seeing and quantum-thinking to exist. Human mastery of metaphysical realms depends on the path one takes to reach ‘enlightenment‘. Einstein is said to have ridden a ray of light around the sun in his imagination, however he would not have been able to formulate the Theory of Relativity without his education in the areas of science, mathematics and physics. Whether Da Vinci experienced similar things is unknown, however we are aware of his training and mastery of art, architecture, science and mathematics.

While most of us cannot begin to match ourselves against the intellect, knowledge and experience of such as Einstein and Da Vinci, we can begin to experience other realms by changing our perception of this one. The more we understand this, the more the metaphysical realms open to us. As this happens, we become masters of our own reality.

This is what I believe to be the metaphysical realms. What do you think?


Image: And now the ascension, Alchemy of the Nine DimensionsHuman Thought

  1. Rediscover Ancient Egypt with Tehuti Research Foundation
  2. Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Clow, Barbara Hand, 2004: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.


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