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We have many ‘7s’ in our lives. The 7 day week, 7 wonders of the ancient world, 7 wonders of the modern world, 7 colours of the rainbow (although this one is debatable – some believe there is only 5) and from, 7 man-made materials that defy physics. The number 7 seems to have a distinct power in the mind of most of mankind. I thought about this for some time and remembered that I had a book that explored exactly this phenomenon.

I found a book many years ago that was lying around my workplace. I handed it to the boss and after 3 months, no-one had claimed it so he gave it back to me. This book, “The Ancient Wisdom” by Geoffrey Ashe, took me on an amazing adventure that I have never forgotten. It crystallised a number of things in my mind in relation to human myth and legend. That these things generally have a kernel of truth and persist in there power over our imagination even in today’s hi-tech society.

Many ideas in the book are beyond my ability to capture here, suffice it to say, that I want to touch on some things and leave the rest to you to discover for yourself.

H.P. Blavatsky

The number 7 is known as a Heptad. Its power over man’s psyche was discussed by Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (HPB), the founder of the Theosophical Society. She claimed that mysterious masters had imbued her with knowledge involving the heptad and that it was a sacred number to humanity. In her book, “The Secret Doctrine” she claims that 7 is a magical and sacred number and is the supreme number in the higher mysteries. This may well be so.

In a previous 3 part article, 7 Chakras, 7 Sacred Directions, I discussed another combination of the heptad in relation to its spiritual connections. It seems that HPB may have had some insight after all. Geoffrey Ashe was sceptical at first and used the works of Dr Carl Gustav Jung to see if there was an alternative explanation to the power of 7 only to find that Jung himself seemed to avoid discussing it. I found this quite curious.

7 seems to permeate many of our ancient myths, legends and religious texts. It is mentioned in the Old Testament, the Qu’ran, has connections to Babylon, Greece and many other centres of civilization in the ancient world. It even makes its way to India where it appears in the Rig Veda texts.

Numerological Seven

Numerologists and psychologists find that the number 7 is uncooperative. It cannot be divided by anything other than 1 or itself. It does not equal the sum of its divisors as 6 does making 6 a perfect number and when multiplied by any number greater than 1 it disappears completely.

One theory of the power 7 has over human imagination is that it is linked far back in antiquity to the constellation of Ursa Major, the great Bear, which was used to identify the north point. In Greek it was known as “Arktos” and in Latin, “Septentrio”. September was originally the 7th month of the year when the ‘north wind’ began to blow.

The journey to trace the power of the number 7 covers a vast amount of territory and includes religious material, occult type material, explorations of 19th and 20th century adventurers in central Asia and the collection of myth legend, prophecy and tales concerning cultural heroes.

It seems that the number 7 and its influence can be traced back to ancient times. Its power over humanity continues to this day coming down to us through a multitude of sources. It is linked to various religions, cultures and spiritual pursuits. I believe that it does have a magical aspect linked to humanity’s need to impose a sacred order on the face of the world.

Tell me what you think about the relationship humanity has with the number 7 by leaving me your comments below.

Image: Star crop circle

Source: The Ancient Wisdom by Geoffrey Ashe (1972) ISBN 0333198670


  1. 7 sacraments, 7 deadly sins, 7 seals, 7 angels, july (7th month – named after julius ceasar – a great name in history, seventh letter (G) used by free mason in their symbology, 7th finger (palms facing upward, counted either side) is the ring finger that symbolized marriage, 7th finger (palms facing downward, counted either both side) is the point finger symbolized authority, letter t (seventh letter starting from Z) was the same figure as cross where used to crucify a person, 7 key in mobile phone has letters PQRS with corresponding number 16 17 18 19 and the sum of these numbers is equal to 70 which is composed of two perfect number 7 and 10.

    There are lots of things that are connected to number 7 (seven). The way we understand it is much greater than we know it. I have so much things in my notes about this number but i have to do further research for clarification.

  2. Julio Valdes says:

    UOO-UOH—August 15—Second month of the year. The word UOH means “toad frog”, he who sings in the water and repeats UOH- UOH- UOH. One also hears him sing when there is no rain. UO is also the name of the “pitahaya” fruit (alteration of the name Maya Bit’ha yaab, or BIT’ — SQUEEZE – HA Water and YAAB- MANY meaning, he who squeezes producing a great deal water). This is the month of the fruits. This UOH is man of the land wet or damp. It is the Lord of the rainy season.
    Activities: Studies of predictions, celebrations of festivals to the Patrons of the priests, witches, doctors, hunters and fisherman.
    Patron of the month:. Also Lord of the Moon.

    I thought you might find this info interesting. It seems to be missing from you info on number seven.

  3. Very interesting, I had never given it any thought before, thanks for the knowledge!

    • Namaste Linda

      You are most welcome. Timberwolf HQ is all about sharing knowledge in whatever form it takes. I hope to see you back sometime in the future.


  4. Timberwolf! Recently picked this up and thought of you and this article:

  5. I like This article,…

  6. In Eastern mythos, the number 8 has a higher regard.

    • Timberwolf says:

      Aaron, thank you for your input. 5 is also a special number in Eastern mythos, however, predominantly, the world over, 7 holds greater sway. Why is that do you think?

  7. 7 is the ancient number of the Father of God – It holds the 5 that are in the bountiful Grail cup – read ‘The God Secret’

  8. Mean Things says:

    This is a very beautiful blog.


  1. […] In our own mythologies, there is always reference to the “first ones”, the “mother goddess” or some other primal source for our creation. Even the bible indicates in Genesis that there was a supreme intelligence behind the creation of our planet and the life upon it. For example, in Egyptian mythology there is the swirling chaotic waters known as “Nu” from which “Atum the creator” sprang forth. 1 While “Atum” is identified as male, “Nu” is definitely female. She can also be identified with “Gaia” from Greek myth and “Eurynome” from Pelasgian myth. 2 These female “first ones” can be traced back to the constellation of Ursa Major, the great Bear. […]

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