The Raven – Death (part 4)

Quoth the Raven by ElineK

Quoth the Raven by ElineK

“Quoth the Raven, NEVERMORE!” ~Edgar Allen Poe

When I was younger, I remember loving this poem called “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe. I made an anthology with the poem in it, and placed a Raven on the front page, but never gave it much thought. It looked cool but was around the time when I was obsessed with the movie The Crow (featuring Brandon Lee).

I would come into school with the eye make up, black jacket and all! I wasn’t aware of the significance at the time but, now that I look back, I can see how the Raven was entering my life already; it was when I was making the transition from childhood to adolescence – a “death” of the previous Self.

By experiencing death, we learn to accept the things we cannot change, but change the things we can (explore the  Serenity Prayer for further guidance). However, during these times, one will choose to either hold on, or let go. To those who are perceptive enough to take notice of the Raven, they will find a helpful teacher in overcoming these dark forces of uncertainty, ignorance and death [The Crow / Raven]. Essentially, Raven teaches us:

  • Raven in Flight

    To learn from the past, but not hold on to it

  • To be ready for a change in consciousness
  • To know that we are being watched, guided and protected by ancestors
  • To not fear the darkness within, as it is there where light is needed most
  • To be wary of our own magic and its affects on others

Image source: Quoth the Raven – Poe’s Poem, Raven in Flight


  1. Thank you LH from Santa Fe,
    It was heartwarming to hear your response. I say this because it resonated with love and caring. It is often hard to not impose intended or unintended judgments on what others express. You are a teacher/guide that many would benefit hearing from in your giving spirit. I hope you purpose yourself in life to speak to many.

  2. Sunday

    Mr. Timberwolf,

    Hope this finds you well sir.

    And I would just like to respectfully suggest that in your writings about Raven, you might want to do a little (more) research into the native peoples of a region that stretches from the (present day) northwestern US, all the way up western Canada in what is now known as “British Columbia” ok ? IF YOU DO THIS, you will find that there … Raven is understood as the embodiment of the creator as the people there knew him and some still do to this day. There are MANY very good stories, and you will probably enjoy expanding your awareness of Raven as he is known to the Haida people, perhaps truly deeper and richer than many others in terms of a sheer volume of references … a good place to start “might be” with just one incredible little book titled “The Raven Steals The Light” – by the great Bill Reid & Robert Bringhurst, University of Washington Press 1984.

    Thank you and good luck to you on your journey my friend, take care.

    Santa Fe, New Mexico USA

    • Namaste Lindsay

      Thank you for visiting Timberwolf HQ and sharing your knowledge and wisdom with my readers and I. The articles you refer to were written by a guest author, Siosi. They are only his impressions on the research he had done to the point of publishing the articles. I am certain that, as you say, there is a richer and more intricate fabric to yet be uncovered about Raven and his role in the world.

      I would be happy to consider an article from you should you wish to contribute to the discussion on Raven. Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact me and we can discuss this further.

      Love and light


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