Save the Timberwolf

Back in April 2008 a StumbleUpon friend of mine sent me the following information about the Timberwolf. I posted it on my free WordPress blog, Timberwolf’s Howl, which is now closed. I felt so strongly about this matter that I transported this story here to Timberwolf HQ. I have also included the comments of those who read and support the small article.

This very day, Wisconsin Dept of Natural Resources is conducting hearings on making the Timberwolf a species subject to hunting in certain Wisconsin zones. Farmers with cattle are in favor; ‘environmentalists’ are against it.

They say it will be a long time before it is approved, if ever, I hope it will be a very long time.
Kabhir-John Price
(wolves forever)

Transferred comments:

Kabhir-John Price says:
August 19, 2008 at 5:24 am

Bravo and let’s all open our ears whether we hear the howl or not.

J. LoneWolf says:
September 26, 2008 at 8:39 am

We must find a way to come together as one voice, the voice, for our brother Wolf ! We must speak & stand up for the TIMBERWOLF, for they can not do it themselves. I am Native American. Brother WOLF is also my personal spirit totem & Protector. I stand behind my brother Wolf with every breath of life. I personally send out my greatest blessings to all, who have a place in their hearts for the TIMBERWOLF & THEIR PACKS ! May many blessings, and protections come your way.

Timberwolf replied:
September 27, 2008 at 6:09 pm

Thank you J. LoneWolf. It is wonderful to see that Native America has not forgotten the Timberwolf. I have a deep connection with the Wolf as you can probably tell from my blog name. Please visit again sometime.

The Wolf Howl Animal Preserve is a place where you may find more information about wolves.



    hey timber wolf you are awsome and i’m in to helping the wolfs my self im only 16 years old and i need some advice on how to help them further at pemberton high school which is the school that i go to im in the 10th grade.

    thank you
    sincerly christian kuehl

  2. The Timberwolf is a remarkably strong, intelligent, and noble creature! LONG may he roam upon this world——-but ONLY if ‘MAN’ determines his value is WORTH it! We MUST SACRIFICE with time and money to SAVE this endangered species!

  3. Timberwolf says:


    I agree.

  4. wow.. well, I came. I so love this site. If you were to visit my writing site, you would find a poem just for the wolf, I am actually at this time writing a series on endangered species. I love the wolf. Beautiful, smart creatures. And much better parents than humans..:) I studied them a lot while getting my wildlife sciences degree. The wolf and the tiger *of course* were my main areas of study.
    Ok, well, see ya later…

  5. I highly recommend visiting Wolf Howl Animal Preserve. Their dedication to the preservation of the Wolf is shown by giving the Wolf a safe haven in which the species can survive and multiply. It is their dream to hear the “Wolves Howl” once again in the wild across much of the United States where they once roamed freely.
    Help this wonderful cause by by purchasing a “Wolf Adoption Kit”.

  6. Hey this is really good, gave me a peaceful feeling-like when u go camping and there’s noone for miles around and every smell, sight and sound can be savoured and reflection is a state of mind.

  7. i think you savong the wolves is a great idea.


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