The Raven: Trickery, Illusion & Complexity (Part 2)

Raven medicine – aloof, illusive, complex to the nth degree, a silent observer, and loyal to a cause. Highly intelligent, and deeply thoughtful the Rave is known for planning, strategy and cunning. He will test, analyze and plot every step of the way as a messenger.

The Raven: An Introduction


The following series will focus on the magnificent Raven, which recently made itself known to me through my dreams. The Raven is a very complex character and, as a symbol, it is both revered and feared across various cultures. In my research, I have found that the Raven shares a symbiotic relationship with the Wolf and, in my opinion, shares common misconceptions (i.e. feared due to ‘dark’ conceptions).

Giving Your Animal Guide A Name and Spirit Names

Spirit Animals

So you’ve spent a long time searching for your animal guide, and now you have found one on a totem. Where do you go from here? Well, you can spend time meditating and building your relationship with your guide, but how do you identify with it? The first step is usually to give it a name. Sounds relatively easy, but is it? Sometimes it can take a lot of effort to find that right name for your animal guide, almost as much as finding your guide in the first place.

Can Our Animal Guides Manifest Themselves In The Animals Around Us?

Animal Guides

I have a cat and the first thing the cat did is arch it’s back and hiss at Max as to say “How dare you bring this animal into MY house!” My cat, named Brat, stared at Max, hissed a little more, and then headed for the bedroom.  After a few days Brat and Max seemed to tolerate each other. After that they would actually play with each other and chase each other through the house, and it wasn’t always Max doing the chasing. Brat was an instigator himself, he would initiate the chases too.

Wolf Spirit Guide and Reader’s Challenge

"Sheba" - Wolf Spirit

There is a game I play as a Spiritual Warrior and Seeker of the Way. I order a cup of coffee and when the Barrista has not deliberately designed the top of the coffee, I try to see what shapes appear in the coffee. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my coffee and I saw a Wolf head looking back at me. Your spirit guide can contact you in many ways. An image in a coffee cup is just one of them.