Universal Energy. What is it?

Dark Matter Halo

Dark Matter Halo

At Timberwolf HQ my tag line reads: Spiritual Warrior and Seeker of the Way. I’ve written about many topics from Animal Spirit Guides to Cymatics and The New Spiritual Paradigm. A very broad variety of topics that are of interest to a lot of my readers. These are all subjects that deal with the spirit and the family of light in one way or another. Universal Energy if you will.

Universal Energy

This article is going to take that exploration a little further and make it a little darker. No, I’m not taking a trip to the dark side, I’m talking about Dark Matter. Now for a little bit of the science behind the existence of dark matter.

The existence of dark matter was first postulated during the 1930’s by Astronomers and they consider inertness to be its defining quality. Jonathan Feng and Mark Trodden stated, “Galaxies and galaxy clusters are embedded in giant balls, or ‘halos’, of dark matter.”1 Dark matter is so pervasive and so prevalent that it is thought to make up 5/6ths of the physical universe. That leaves only 1/6th for luminous matter. Given that it is inert, it is believed that dark matter does not interact with luminous matter other than to provide a gravitational framework for it to gravitate together within.

Alongside dark matter is dark energy. Feng and Trodden, in their article stated, “As for dark energy, it’s only role appears to be to accelerate cosmic expansion, and the available evidence it has remained completely unchanged over the life of the cosmos.”2 There are many theories as to how dark matter came to exist and how it interacts with our world of visible matter. Later in the article Feng and Trodden state, “Dark energy is roughly three times as dense as dark matter… This coincidence would make sense if dark matter somehow triggered the emergence of dark energy.”3

Yin and Yang

4Regardless of the theories and how the Universe is constructed we must understand that there exists a dark side and a light side. Many spiritualists believe that this means that there has to be a separation between the two. I acknowledge that there is a duality to existence. It is plainly stated in Newton’s third law of motion, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Many examples of duality exist, light and dark, good’ and ‘evil’ 5, true and false, sinner and saint, the list goes on. To truly “know and understand” the nature of duality would take many lifetimes. As a Spiritual Warrior and Seeker of the Way, I have accepted that there is a balance that exists in duality.

One must accept and understand that each and every person on this planet has the capacity to deliver unto themselves and those around them great goodness or great evil. Good or evil people recognizes this quality in themselves and make a conscious decision to move in one direction or the other.

Light in Darkness

A pathfinder or a Seeker of the Way understands the capacity for this duality within themselves, accepts the existence of both energy forms and blazes a trail for others to follow in their chosen direction. I, as a Spiritual Warrior, recognise my own inner duality, have accepted it, nay embraced it, and have chosen to move with the family of light. I spoke of the qualities of brother Wolf as a spirit guide in my article Wolf Spirit, one of the most popular articles on Timberwolf HQ. A question that I am often asked is whether or not having a Wolf appear to you in a dream is a good or bad sign. To most western beliefs, Wolf represents a negative presence. Wolf is neither a positive or a negative. Wolf accepts the duality if it’s nature and moves with confidence within Nature. Wolf seeks out the path, provides guidance and instruction and protects those of its pack. 6


We, Seekers of the Way, must do no less. We need to accept that Universal Energy contains duality and that we can draw on this to accomplish great things. It is my hope that my articles have begun to mingle with other like-minded Seekers to bring about this awareness in my readers.

Leave your thoughts in the comments field below so that the Timberwolf HQ community can discuss the dual nature of our Spiritual Being.

Image source: Dark Matter Halo, Universal energy, Yin and Yang, Light in Darkness, Seeker is from the TWHQ Forum

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  1. YES. YES. Feeling the resonance and appreciating it very much. Inner duality. Our capacity for both light and darkness. This reminds me of something I wrote about one of my darkest journeys with the sacred plant ayahuasca. I hope you don’t mind me sharing because it flashed in my mind as I was reading this post. It is written in the voice of La Madre:

    “WHOOOSH. In an instant, a torrent of images bombarded your mind. The conflict in your relationship. You are responsible. The slaughter in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge. You created it. The Holocaust. It was you. The violence and sorrow depicted in “The Sopranos.” It is your own.

    The truth was undeniable. You saw it.

    You knew, down to the very core of your being, that your nature as a human who had walked the Earth for hundreds of lifetimes guaranteed you a direct hand in the perpetuation of suffering: from the familiar agonies of daily life to the worst atrocities human history had seen.

    You writhed back and forth on the floor in unbearable pain. You could not deny it. You could only accept it fully. Yes. And as you surrendered to seeing yourself, wave upon wave of Gaia’s suffering coursed through your body with a force unreached in previous journeys.

    You finally understood why you had experienced the suffering of Earth in previous journeys at all. Until then, you had vainly guessed that perhaps it was part of your role as a woman and as a lightworker to take on this torment— you had assumed you were processing a darkness and pain that was not your own.

    No, my dear. You process it because you share direct responsibility in it. You are a part of it. It is only because you are a part of it that you can process it, witness it, bear the energetic fruits of it, and in doing so, neutralize it. There is no such thing as separation.”

    Much love,

    • Namaste Stephanie

      And may I say WOW! It is not often that the goose bumps stand up on my skin and continue for the entire duration of what I am reading. Duality, Universal Energy, the manifestation of our souls lifetime after lifetime to learn and endure, to guide and to understand our role, our responsibilities as human beings. The Spiritual Warrior and Seeker of the Way needs to accept and understand that our future depends on our ability to heal ourselves and others.

      Thank you for stopping by Stephanie and I hope to see you back again commenting on other articles.


  2. Everything you say is so inspiring..! I’ve read some articles of yours and I think you’re great! You really inspired me to look into myself and find the balance within me a little more. Lately, I’ve been letting my darker side consume me and that was starting to make my life miserable, but now I’m a little more hopeful,so thank you. You really made my day..!

    • Namaste Raima

      It is always a pleasure to hear from a reader who has found something helpful in my writings. That is what I am about. I try to take things of interest to me and that help me develop and grow as a person and bring them to a wider audience in the hope that these topics will do the same for others.


  3. CrystalDragon says:

    Very interesting article little brother …. I agree that within ourselves there is both light and dark and ultimately it is our decision as to which path to follow. Like you I follow a path of light <3

    • Thank you sister. As I once quoted: “The Spiritual Warrior stands as a beacon of light guiding the way for those lost in darkness.” ~ Timberwolf 2010

      That is what I attempt to do with each article.

  4. danuldar says:

    I feel that everything that is not love, is prejudice,to me everything is one and nature moves by unconditional love, :) just sharing thoughts , love the articles by the way.To me the wolf represents high vibration,as the howl itself is pure vibration wich climaxes in the individual rithm of each wolf.Always in love with the moon.High vibration , pure life.

  5. I do consider all of the ideas you have offered to your post. They are very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are very quick for beginners. Could you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

    • Linda

      Thank you for the comment. I post longer articles from time to time. Shorter ones like this are designed to encourage reader participation and comment on the topic of the article. I look forward to seeing you back here with further comments.


  6. Aha….Timberwolf…you’re back in action….how wonderful and how blessed I feel to be able to be the first one here to leave a comment, and indeed this embracing of the duality of our being, in balance between the light and the dark is a wonderful way to express our existance on this earth plane!! Great topic and we need to be in this space of awareness to allow the dark we see to give way to the light!

    Recently in my own life….being as I am fascinated with the realm of emotional energy and feelings…..I believe our ability to feel is our most powerful resource for creating our reality, manifesting life for ourselves. So I feel a real resonance where you say…and I quote… ” dark energy, it’s only role appears to be to accelerate cosmic expansion” and….also ” dark matter does not interact with luminous matter other than to provide a gravitational framework for it to gravitate together within”………….the physical description you give here offers itself up for me as a perect metaphor for what I see in the vibrational aspect of emotion….or energy in motion!

    I’ve recently come to realize that “fear” has been used for eons as a way of keeping the masses under a state of duress, pressure and coercion to ways that are not of their choosing, so people are fearful and do what they don’t or wouldn’t normally want to do….they are not free!! Yet in today’s world, with the energy of so many spiritual seekers at hand…..we can use that dark force…”fear”, to in fact be the very means whereby we identify what imprisons us, and free ourselves so that we literally lighten up…become and move to the light side….This is so exciting to me………the irony and paradox of life’s duality, that the night gives way to the day, that fear gives way to love!! It is a beautiful thing.

    Wolves to me feel like this duality energy….they are dark prowling, animals that are predators, stalking and vicious…howling at the moon and letting you know they are near, watching….ready to pounce from their invisible lone place…..and then they are playful creatures with soft warm fur that are loyal and loving, delighting in nature and their joyful antics, clever and keen in how they can pick up scents and become one with their environment…adapting, they are smart…team players…….like life….two sides always!!

    Enjoying being here and leaving a comment!

    • Namaste Ursula

      Thank you for being among the first to comment on the new article. As always your comments bring much to the content of the article and give readers even more to consider. I was watching a television show last night and a thing that struck me as extremely interesting…given the New Spiritual Paradigm that you have mentioned as emerging…was some dialogue that went, “So tell me son, what do you mean by spiritual?” Answer, “Spirituality is for those seeking understanding…religion is for those seeking reward.” The dogma and doctrine of the established religious views always focus on the reward of a better life in an after-life of some kind if one lives as a “god-fearing” person. There is that word ‘fear’ again. There is nothing to fear in Universal Energy, Higher Power, the Grand Architect, God or however you want to address the Cosmic Consciousness. It is our path to seek understanding. That is why I write about these subjects and why my tag line is: Spiritual Warrior and Seeker of the Way.


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