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We all have spirit guides. Some of us have met them and some of us haven’t. As this is Timberwolf HQ, this article is on the wolf as a spirit guide. The basic information was given to me by a long-time reader and friend of Timberwolf HQ. I wrote the article from his research. So sit back, relax and enjoy the information you are about to read.

We have all wondered what the qualities are of our spirit guides. There are many sites on the Internet which will give various information and interpretations. My reader has provided the following information about Brother wolf.

WOLF: Teacher, Pathfinder, Moon – hound within my soul.

Wolves teach us many things including howling, singing and how to know and understand ourselves and others.

What is the wolf spirit?

Wolf Spirit

It is believed that our brother, the wolf, is a path finder, a bringer of new ideas returning to the people to deliver teachings and to allow us to learn and participate in knowing our heritage and spiritual path, sharing good medicine. The wolf teaches us how to live with one mate throughout life. This is an important lesson as humans are herd animals with an alpha leader and a harem mentality. If we follow brother wolf we can learn loyalty. The wolf pack provides an enormous sense of belonging and family, even within the pack, while retaining its individuality.

If you feel that you have an affinity for the wolf spirit, then you may be a person with a gift to teach. You may pass on your own spirit medicine with those willing to hear your message and learn. When you tune in to your intuitive nature on the wolf path you will divine a number of things, including an answer you may be seeking or a lesson you must learn at this time. When you discover your inner wolf spirit your drive to impart knowledge will increase and you may find yourself writing or lecturing about topics and providing information that will help others understand their own unique life path. In your spiritual development you must look for teachings from your wolf spirit guide. He is your brother and would not come to you without you making a request to the path-finder for his appearance in your life.

Who is the wolf spirit?

source: http://i10.tinypic.com/2ns7ssm.jpg

Maiden with Wolves

The wolf in nature has very keen senses and has a very powerful ally in the moon. The moon itself is a symbol for the psychic ability latent in all people. It has been used by secret societies for untold years to convey a message of secret knowledge and wisdom, the wolf spirit is partnered by this power when he comes to you. By howling at the Moon the wolf spirit asks you to seek that connection with new ideas which lie just below the surface of your waking mind, to look into your unconscious mind to release powerful energies. By doing this and by discovering your own wolf spirit within, you are encouraged to become a teacher, a tutor of all people to aid them in understanding the mysteries that life brings us.

Another link to the heavens and life mysteries comes from the Dogon tribe in Africa who link great powers and secrets to the Dog Star, Sirius. The ancient Egyptians also made this connection and believed Sirius to be the home of the gods. Star lore connects the wolf with the Dog Star and it is believed by some that mankind’s teachers were from this star. Other indigenous people, including Native Americans, later adopted this motif and identified the wolf as the teacher of the clans.

What can the wolf spirit provide?

The wolf spirit comes to teach and to endow the gift of wisdom on those who will take the time to listen to his teachings. It is said that when you have travelled every path and located those that lead nowhere, you will truly know your territory. In discovering this, a simple truth is revealed, that nothing stays the same, all things change as nature intended.

source: http://nopewasntme.com/images/martas_wolf_spirit.jpg

Spirit Wolves

The spirit wolf may tell you to seek places to be alone. In these places, in the absence of other people, brother wolf may reveal himself and allow you to see your inner spirit guide and teacher. This in turn delivers a vision of the true being you are and will become.

If wolf spirit is not facing you when he approaches, you are being asked to look beyond your the confines of your present situation to see the wider world beyond. This may take courage, as new ideas could be foreign to you and you may need to divest yourself of older, confining viewpoints. Once the wolf spirit has imparted his teachings, then it is up to you to share these with the rest of humanity and seek to raise human consciousness to new heights. Do not let wolf spirit’s teaching stagnate and do not fear passing on your changed vision to others as this will result in you becoming bogged down and will stifle the changes he has brought to your life.

Your wolf spirit will always urge you to seek teachers or path finders that will show provide you with ways to achieve new life experiences. Always remember, the teachers and way-finders could be the tiny voice which comes to you from within or you could find a lesson in the form of a stone, a book, a cloud, a tree, another person or the Great Spirit that binds us all as one.

A final thought

source: http://www.firstpeople.us/pictures/art/odd-sizes/pt/Spirit-Of-The-Wolf-800x946.jpg

Spirit of the Wolf

Growth comes through acceptance of all forms of life and the acknowledgement of the lessons they can teach. Become the wolf spirit and follow the sense of discovery you feel. You may find that you stop crying at the moon in despair and become the embodiment of psychic energies symbolised by the moon. When you do…remember to pass this teaching on by becoming someone else’s wolf spirit guide.


Image: Wolf spirit


  1. I have a question for you I’ve been working with partner cleaning a house and sometimes it feels like there is a bad spirit there, some times you feel uneasy and see some things out of the corner of your eye. Today when I was cleaning I seen something out of the corner of my eye and there was a pure white wolf and its back height was about 80 to 90 centimetres high walking through at the bottom of the stairs, it did not look a me it was like it was hunting for some thing. the funny thing is I live in Australia and we don’t have wolfs hear and it was only after I googled white dogs ect: I found white wolfs which were similar to what I saw
    can you please give me any in light on what just happened

  2. I keep having these dreams involving a wolf. Its like the wolf is trying to gaurd me. It protects me but yet it doesnt quite like me. Its acts like it has to do a job or protecting me. Its always one wolf. The wolf has never hurt me in my dreams only frightened me. It hasnt sought to teach me anything or make me learn something. Its odd to me because ive never had much of a connection with wolves until these dreams came up. They arent often because i dont dream that often. What does this mean?

  3. Hi, i just wanted some feedback from someone. I keep having these dreams in which a wolf is reoccuring. The situations in which i see the wolf is different. It seems as if the wolf is gaurding me, not really teaching me or leading me anywhere. Its like the wolf is watching me and it protects me from something. It is a single wolf, not a pack of them.

  4. i think i have met my spirit guide although it might have just been my imagination while meditating. i was in a flowery clearing and it felt safe and a leopard approached me with light blue eyes and it said his name was kinkashu and that we would meet soon. does this mean anything? or was it my imagination playing tricks on me?

  5. how do i meditate to find my inner animal

  6. Josh Robledo says:

    One morning i woke up and impulsivity started to meditate and i saw a white wolf that i somehow knew was female the rest of that day(and ever since then)i saw the same wolf following me and only i could see her and i felt completely safe and loved the day after i started to hear a female voice that i know is hers after talking with her she told me her name is luna and the moon was my allie I’ve never felt alone again.

  7. Annemiek says:

    I feel like a wolf inside an humanbody can you help my? (sorry for my bad english)

  8. Isaak dragon greenstone says:

    I had dream last knght and this is what happened in my dream I was a wolf running in front of a pack of wolves and I stopped to speak to the black wolf that was behind me and he said my people are dying pleas help I now know that he ment protect them but I don’t know from what can you help me

  9. will this wolf appear to you without seeking it, i was on my way home one night and a white very clean wolf i see by some pine tress but what caught my attention was like a lecklace with a medallion around his neck this was at midnight

  10. i recently found myself pondering this. though i have had no connection with mine and cant quite figure out how to

  11. Wolf Spirit nos mostra transparentemente que temos ligações espirituais com lobos depende muito do estado do seu templo pois pode lhe ofertar coisas maravilhosas ou também te deixar num estado de espirito insuportável sonho muito com esse animal é muito lindo,busco sempre guerrear com meu eu espiritual para tirar sempre o lado bom depois de tudo ameno seria como se olha-se para a Lua e ter a visão de um lobo me exaltado pela acertada escolha.

    Google Translate:
    Wolf Spirit shows us that we transparently spiritual connections to wolves depends largely on the state of his temple as it can offer you wonderful things and also leave you in a state of mind very unbearable dream with this animal is very lovely, always seek war with my spiritual self to always get the good side after all mild would be like looking up at the moon and have the vision of a wolf exalted me the right choice.

  12. Warm greetings to you :) During a meditation a couple of nights ago I saw my usual display of vibrant colors, which fade to black and back to color, and so on. But at one point when it faded to black very vividly I suddenly saw a black & silver/grey wolf with bright blue eyes. I sensed the wolf was male. Only its face/neck area were visible with a relaxed closed mouth, and he was facing me directly. Twice his left eye became very prominent. I didn’t feel scared at all, in fact, it was like he was trying to tell me something and I felt at peace with his presence. But it left me with questions as to why he appeared to me. This has never happened to me before during meditation ever (never in dreams, Reiki, waking hours, etc) I have since read many article to learn what it might mean, but there’s so much and I find it difficult to “pinpoint” my specific vision… and I’m eager to learn all that I can. I wonder if you may be able to lend any insight? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly. Wishing you love, light and many joyful moments in 2014! Liz

  13. Penny McIvor says:

    I attended a medicine camp a while ago to find my clan. After a troubled session wth a medicine man, i was found to be from th wolf clan. However while most children inherit their clan designations from their father or mother, my clan designation was unique andf rare. I was the only one in my generation to be from the BLACK WOLF clan. What does this mean?

  14. finally i found some information on the wolf that finally make sense deep in me. i had many random wolfdreams and one girl even saw the wolf behind me. I feel a big urge to speak my truth and to teach, to meet people on their level and give the support, care and advises needed. So thank you timberwolf for this website :)


  15. savannah rauls says:

    Ho wolf sprirt, pleases make sure that i become beatuiful werewolf to become a real super hero for the real world. pleases i want you take care of me. & return i will help you. pleases help me. pleases.

    • Namaste Savannah

      Thank you for visiting Timberwolf HQ. Understand that in our own way, we are all heroes. Those of us that follow the path of light and spread our light for others to follow are the beacons upon which future generations will build their worlds. You do not need to force a physical change upon yourself, nor a psychological one Savannah. Follow your heart and spread the light that resides within you and you will be a hero to those who matter.


      • I see my spirit animal and sometimes it takes over my body heart and mind. my eyes change colors and im filled with thoughts of running with other wolves….I am filed with my wolf all the time…what does this mean

  16. I have meditated multiple times in an attempt to find my spirit animal. Each time, I find myself in a forest with a canine (I’m not sure if its a wolf or not yet.) with a grey coat. When I see animal, I fall to my knees and it comes and presses its forehead against mine. I feel affection and comfort when this happens. Just recently, I heard it tell me that I must help heal others. “Healing. That is what you must do. Heal others. It is what you are meant to do.”

    I thought is was a coyote at first, but I’m not sure anymore. Can you help me out?

    • Welcome to Timberwolf HQ Michaela

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your question. After having given some thought to your question, if the canine is a coyote, then this is the trickster. It doesn’t mean that you are like “Loki – the god of mischief” or anything like that. In any case, I would think that the animal that appeared to you was more likely Wolf. Wolf is a teacher and you have been given advice to seek a path (Wolf is a pathfinder) to bring you to a place where you can learn to become a healer. All these things indicate to me that Wolf is attempting to reach out to you and teach you, set you on your chosen path, the path you contracted among your soul group to follow before you incarnated here on Earth. I hope this has helped you Michaela.

      Please come back and let my readers and I know how you are faring.



  17. I was wondering if you could give me some in site on a couple experiences I have had in the past. I still think about it a lot, and wonder what it meant, or what I could have done to help.
    The first time I was leaving church and passing the grave yard that they have at the church and right in front of my car a wolf stopped and was looking at me, he was holding up his paw as if it was hurt or broken. I wanted so badly to get out and help him but had to remind myself that this is a wild animal.
    The second time witch was months later My husband and I were driving through Oregon my husband was the driver and I was in the passenger seat. I saw up a head a wolf crossing the street and it was also holding up one of his front paws like it was injured. It crossed the road and sat their staring at me. I asked my husband if he saw the wolf but he said he didn’t. It reminded me of the first one I saw doing the same thing. It has been years sense this happened, but always on my mind. Any in site would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Namaste Bobbi

      Welcome to Timberwolf HQ. Thank you for the question. Wolf as a guide is a teacher, a pathfinder and a protector. While I am not certain, I get the feeling that at the times you have seen Wolf with an injured paw, it is because there has been an issue in your own life that needed attention. If you look back on those instances, you may find that Wolf has indicated to you that there is something not working (injured / broken) and if you keep heading in the direction you are going (the way Wolf was limping) it will not get better. The fact that you wanted to help, to do something about it, tells me that you were concerned enough to take stock. Things went right again for sometime until you saw Wolf again. You pay attention, even though you may not think you do.

      Please let my readers and I know if this helps.


  18. Christian says:

    I had a vision of running with a pack of wolfs and I was the leader I was a dark brown wolf. we were running towards the moon which was full and very blue. we also were running in grassy plains and through the wilderness. I remember having a light brown wolf beside me running with me and she was talking to me but without using her mouth kind of like I could hear her thoughts. She told me this was a gift from god and we were given this gift to protect the innocent. What does this all mean?

    • It probably means that you will find someone who is just like you. That God sent that person to you. Both of you are wolves. Im throwing this out there, so just dont hate :)

    • Hello Christian

      Welcome to Timberwolf Hq and thank you for your question. I thought that I had answered your question via our connection on FaceBook but could not find what I wrote to you. So I will answer it again for you now. Bear in mind though that I am not a dream interpretation guru. Well here goes.

      Running with the wolves as a leader could indicate that you have Wolf as one of your animal guides and you could lead others. Wolf is a teacher and pathfinder who can Help you understand the gift you have to be a light in the world. Running over fields and towards the moon indicates to me that you are being called from the wild and towards the light. Hearing the she wolf’s voice tells me that you are quite empathetic to those around you and that you have a keen understanding of people.

      Work with this insight and see where it takes you.

      Come back and tell my readers and I how you are progressing.


  19. This is kinda of crazy but Today I stopped at a gas station and when I got out of the car I saw a wolf racing toward me and I was startled and blinked my eyes and looked again and he was gone. But it was not a dream it was some sort of vision that was real and I have NEVER seen anything like this before in my life

    • Namaste Susan

      What an amazing experience that must have been for you. Thank you for sharing this with my readers and I. We would be interested in hearing from you again when you feel like sharing any further experiences.



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