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We all have spirit guides. Some of us have met them and some of us haven’t. As this is Timberwolf HQ, this article is on the wolf as a spirit guide. The basic information was given to me by a long-time reader and friend of Timberwolf HQ. I wrote the article from his research. So sit back, relax and enjoy the information you are about to read.

We have all wondered what the qualities are of our spirit guides. There are many sites on the Internet which will give various information and interpretations. My reader has provided the following information about Brother wolf.

WOLF: Teacher, Pathfinder, Moon – hound within my soul.

Wolves teach us many things including howling, singing and how to know and understand ourselves and others.

What is the wolf spirit?

Wolf Spirit

It is believed that our brother, the wolf, is a path finder, a bringer of new ideas returning to the people to deliver teachings and to allow us to learn and participate in knowing our heritage and spiritual path, sharing good medicine. The wolf teaches us how to live with one mate throughout life. This is an important lesson as humans are herd animals with an alpha leader and a harem mentality. If we follow brother wolf we can learn loyalty. The wolf pack provides an enormous sense of belonging and family, even within the pack, while retaining its individuality.

If you feel that you have an affinity for the wolf spirit, then you may be a person with a gift to teach. You may pass on your own spirit medicine with those willing to hear your message and learn. When you tune in to your intuitive nature on the wolf path you will divine a number of things, including an answer you may be seeking or a lesson you must learn at this time. When you discover your inner wolf spirit your drive to impart knowledge will increase and you may find yourself writing or lecturing about topics and providing information that will help others understand their own unique life path. In your spiritual development you must look for teachings from your wolf spirit guide. He is your brother and would not come to you without you making a request to the path-finder for his appearance in your life.

Who is the wolf spirit?

source: http://i10.tinypic.com/2ns7ssm.jpg

Maiden with Wolves

The wolf in nature has very keen senses and has a very powerful ally in the moon. The moon itself is a symbol for the psychic ability latent in all people. It has been used by secret societies for untold years to convey a message of secret knowledge and wisdom, the wolf spirit is partnered by this power when he comes to you. By howling at the Moon the wolf spirit asks you to seek that connection with new ideas which lie just below the surface of your waking mind, to look into your unconscious mind to release powerful energies. By doing this and by discovering your own wolf spirit within, you are encouraged to become a teacher, a tutor of all people to aid them in understanding the mysteries that life brings us.

Another link to the heavens and life mysteries comes from the Dogon tribe in Africa who link great powers and secrets to the Dog Star, Sirius. The ancient Egyptians also made this connection and believed Sirius to be the home of the gods. Star lore connects the wolf with the Dog Star and it is believed by some that mankind’s teachers were from this star. Other indigenous people, including Native Americans, later adopted this motif and identified the wolf as the teacher of the clans.

What can the wolf spirit provide?

The wolf spirit comes to teach and to endow the gift of wisdom on those who will take the time to listen to his teachings. It is said that when you have travelled every path and located those that lead nowhere, you will truly know your territory. In discovering this, a simple truth is revealed, that nothing stays the same, all things change as nature intended.

source: http://nopewasntme.com/images/martas_wolf_spirit.jpg

Spirit Wolves

The spirit wolf may tell you to seek places to be alone. In these places, in the absence of other people, brother wolf may reveal himself and allow you to see your inner spirit guide and teacher. This in turn delivers a vision of the true being you are and will become.

If wolf spirit is not facing you when he approaches, you are being asked to look beyond your the confines of your present situation to see the wider world beyond. This may take courage, as new ideas could be foreign to you and you may need to divest yourself of older, confining viewpoints. Once the wolf spirit has imparted his teachings, then it is up to you to share these with the rest of humanity and seek to raise human consciousness to new heights. Do not let wolf spirit’s teaching stagnate and do not fear passing on your changed vision to others as this will result in you becoming bogged down and will stifle the changes he has brought to your life.

Your wolf spirit will always urge you to seek teachers or path finders that will show provide you with ways to achieve new life experiences. Always remember, the teachers and way-finders could be the tiny voice which comes to you from within or you could find a lesson in the form of a stone, a book, a cloud, a tree, another person or the Great Spirit that binds us all as one.

A final thought

source: http://www.firstpeople.us/pictures/art/odd-sizes/pt/Spirit-Of-The-Wolf-800x946.jpg

Spirit of the Wolf

Growth comes through acceptance of all forms of life and the acknowledgement of the lessons they can teach. Become the wolf spirit and follow the sense of discovery you feel. You may find that you stop crying at the moon in despair and become the embodiment of psychic energies symbolised by the moon. When you do…remember to pass this teaching on by becoming someone else’s wolf spirit guide.


Image: Wolf spirit


  1. Brandy smith says:

    I would like to know ur thoughts on a dream I had. I had a dream about a black wolf I was so happy to see him like we had known each other for a long time.he looked right at me we were face to face. It felt like such a wonderful dream I wish I didn’t wake from.and he was just running around. But the feeling of great love and excitement. I wish I could have that dream again. But what does it mean?

  2. i had a recent thing happen where i fell asleep and in my dream i was in the middle of a wolf war, left and right wolves were fighting, one side was black wolves the other was white. i became aware i was riding the leader of the white wolves and i could talk to him telepathically, and we had to retreat. what does this mean?

  3. I’m really glad i found this site.
    One day i fell asleep while meditating to be honest cause i was too sleepy to do it and the thing is that i had a dream where i was um somewhere that wasnt my home and there was a person who was idk, bad and had me like locked, like i was a monster. Then i saw a wolf and he told me that it was ok. That i should relax and be myself. He was also like a tundra wolf or in other words, like a grey mixed with browns. The thing is i understood him and i felt different a min later. I was transformed. And when i saw my paws they were like the color as the other wolf. Then it appeard another wolf of the same colors. And the wolf in front of me also told me that the could help me. That i only needed em to follow. That they knew the way. So i found a way out and ran with em. And then mom woke me up and i had sort of a bit of tears. Idk why. But felt happy when i followed em. What does it mean?


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